North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

what a week!

so one of the craziest weeks of my mission it was great!
  Monday we went and rolled around in a tire! that was fun. so that day we called the mission office because we are supposed to be moving into 2nd ward where we serve well some how it didn't get passed down to us on transfer day but we are now covering 2 wards so we aren't moving and we are serving in 3rd ward as well so that was a little crazy. we had dinner with some members of the 2nd ward they are cool it was a fun time. then we went to a BBQ and then tried to figure out our lives with 2 wards.
  Tuesday we worked on figuring some more stuff out with 3rd ward then we tried a potential and got a new investigator. her name is Joyce she is an older lady but sweet.then we did service at Bethel and the people there are so nice. then we went to dinner they are awesome. then we saw our part member family. I decided I could be having the worst day ever and we could go see them and I would be on cloud 9 haha its great I love them.
  Wednesday we saw Joyce again kinda hard to teach got really distracted but she read what we had left with her so that's good. then we saw a member in the 3rd ward that had her baby.  she is sweet. then we made some calls trying to meet people. then we got to meet with the elders in 3rd ward to get some info about the ward but they were on exchanges so we didn't get too much but it's okay.
   Thursday we weekly planned but it was very broken up so we didn't get to finish. we were able to meet with our ward mission leader in 3rd ward and he is pretty great so that's good.we had dinner with a family that recently moved in but they aren't liking it here so not sure how long they will stay but they are really nice.
   Friday we had district meeting and then got info from the zone leaders so that was fun. we had dinner with a sister in the ward her husband was working but they are getting sealed next week and they are so cute. her story is awesome and it's like the best meal conversation we ever have it's amazing. then we saw a less active who we are gonna start teaching the discussions and she is super excited. also, she has a fox so that's pretty cool. fox tongues are super soft haha!
   Saturday we planned more because it needs to be done. then we went to an appointment with awesome members. they are great I love them.  Then we walked because our mission is doing a car fast every Saturday so unless you have an appointment you aren't supposed to use your car.  I like it we are gonna start biking this week. we had more meeting with 3rd ward then we had dinner and then went tracting it was a good time. then we saw our investigators and it was awesome they were very determined about coming to church and it was super good. they are so ready for the gospel!
    Sunday was a long day... my brain was done by the end but it was still awesome. we got to church at 730 for 3rd ward. president and sister Hess spoke in all 3 wards so that was awesome!  after church we had ward council for 3rd ward then we scarfed down food before next ward council started. then we started 2nd ward church. OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome and they loved it ahh. so we were at church from 730 am to 630 pm so we were both exhausted but then we went to dinner and they had a non-member friend there who we are now teaching so that was sweet. then we stopped in on our investigators to see how they liked church. it was a wonderful day.
    it was a wonderful week. I hope you all have a great week love you!
1 an oil rig playground toy
2 16  months!
3 the fox Gigi
4 the fox again!

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