North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

 Well this week has been very off.  We were busy but it doesn't show on any of our papers and what not.  Also I can apparently watch Disney movies whenever love my mission :)
   Monday was P-Day obviously and we got to have a fire.  A member invited us and the elders fishing and to have smores. (we missed the fishing part because we were asleep so) smores were delicious and I love the smell of fire.  We threw knives too which is always fun :) 
    Tuesday we passed off our investigator to the elders and he tried to give me a hug but that wasn't happening so I walked away.  We saw a family and the mom has it really hard her kids treat her horribly and I just want to hug her all the time but she is spiritually strong as well.  We also tried an investigator who asked for sisters and we came and now wont ever answer the door for us but wants to get baptized like this week.  It's not happening and we wont even let her have the interview because she doesn't have a true desire.  That night there was a relief society activity all about visiting teaching.  It was really good and hopefully it will help the sisters in their caring about who they are to teach.
      Wednesday we went to our less actives for lunch and the oldest daughter asked us all these awesome questions and was super interested.  It was amazing then her mom was like next time would you give her a Book of Mormon to read.  Well of course we can but why don't you just come to church.  Now we didn't say that but that's how we feel right now.  Then we taught seminary which was good but seemed off from the last couple of weeks.  Then all of our appointments fell through so we went people finding.
      Thursday we saw a less active who came to church yesterday but is also wanting to start visiting teaching. YES!!  So excited for her and she has been teaching her daughter to pray and now is going to start with reading scriptures every night which is awesome.  So excited :)  We also contacted a man who just lost his wife and we are hoping to teach him soon and bring him happiness.
      Friday we had district meeting which was fun we had cookies and treats of course us and the other sister made that but the next one our zone leaders are supposed to bring brownies.  Oh and Sister Dvaz almost killed me but its all good.  We were waving goodbye and almost hit a curb attached to the church but I freaked out and we are alive.  The zone leaders did text us saying that was black dot worthy which means she wouldn't be able to drive anymore.  It was a fun day.  We felt like we did nothing all day though.
    Saturday we read the BOM with a less active and she had some good questions plus she is doing a lot better.  Then we went to plant some seeds.  We will doing a lot of that now because its warm enough to finally plant even though its only 40 today.  We went to another LA (less active) home and she feed us cookies and cream cookies and raspberry lemon cookies.  Oh my so good.  I'm glad I have made my workouts more intense because I can eat more now.  Then we saw another LA yes we see a lot of them and talked about her crazy rancher life.  She asked us to get her a blessing though which we did and she says it helped a lot thankfully.  Then we went to a members home for dinner which is always entertaining we started talking about falling asleep during prayer which let's be honest happens its a struggle some days but the Lord knows I'm trying and that's what matters.
      Sunday We went to a priesthood meeting to clean up the ward list because it is a mess.  We didn't get very far though so its a long process.  Then we read again with our LA and she has improved a ton since we started.  She's a lot happier now which is great.  Then we went to a members home for food they live an hour away almost and are claving right now o crazy busy all the time.  But we always have fun there.  They both served missions so they always wanna talk about the work which is awesome.  She played oil doctor on both of us.  Sister Dvaz has this cough she's had for 3 months so ya.  But she used essential oils and it felt good.  She put a citrus mix on me to give me energy which of course I need.  Love them so much
       Yesterday in church we talked about how faith is a choice.  We don't magically gain faith we choose it.  We need to remember we chose how our life goes and our choices do matter.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and he sent us here to grow.  Choose faith. I promise you will be made strong through it.  I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know I am privileged to be able to share it.  I love you all

Sister Haley McDonald

1) we bought matching plaid shirts
2)okay we like to match with star wars shirts
3)a members dog that we may have drawn on but only with their permission plus they did it first..
4)we are cute so gotta love her 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well it has been a crazy week
     Tuesday we saw an investigator and we aren't sure about him and why he is meeting with us.  Everyone is now telling us to pass him to the elders and we are doing that because he called us cute and we are grossed out or I am anyways.  So the elders get him and we will find out if he is truly interested or not.  We got to see a less active and we sat out in the sun yes!  I got a tan I'm so excited right now.
     Wednesday we started our exchange so Sister Mikhail came with me and I took over the area.  I was able to drive and I didn't have to back anyone for a whole day wohoo.  We had lunch with the super smart less active family and they basically called our message cheesy and the church is a business now so.... we decided they need to become humble and they are way to smart and its only book smart but man there house wow.  We saw another less active and she is doing okay hopefully she will go to the temple trip in May with her husband.  Maybe even get sealed shortly after.  We had dinner with a family that we thought were less active about a week ago but we just laughed about it. Then we taught seminary and how important prophets are and man we need them so much.  The less active we meet with like every other day opened up so much and we were really able to help her.  Now she says she knows Gods is answering her and helping her everyday. There are a ton of miracles on exchanges.  We also got to feed a calf fun.
     Thursday Sister Dvaz came back and I'm glad because she's my "mom" or trainer and we are super good friends.  We had to plan for this week all day and were so distracted.
      Friday was why we were so distracted.  I have the coolest Mission President in the world!  We went to Minot North Dakota to see a concert and on our way there we got to go to Wal-Mart!  Man do I miss cheap stuff everything is like half price there compared to ShopKo in Sidney.  Needless to say I'm set for a little while.  Then we started to Minot and raced our zone leaders and the other Sidney elders.  We lost our car can't handle life but it was a ton of fun!  It was so weird seeing missionaries in normal clothes with no name tags on.  Other missionaries were calling us by our first names so weird.... The Band Nashville Tribute is amazing.  They know our president and they did a whole concert just for the mission!  I love their music.  Plus president let us dance so coolest Pres. ever.  Then we went to dinner and some of the elders were there and its so weird not seeing them in suits and they are so entertaining though.  Then we went back to the stadium for concert #2.  We got to pray with the band before hand.  It was amazing and we are so obsessed with the music they have a whole cd for missionaries and how its not easy.  When the concert ended we had to drive to Williston for the night.
     Saturday we drove back to Sidney and everything fell though again and it was a long day especially since we only got 5 hours of sleep.  Plus it was transfer day and we are loosing some great missionaries here in the forgotten zone.  We are so far from everyone else we are called forgotten.
    Sunday was really good though.  We had ward council and it was all about missionary work and how the ward can improve.  They are seriously missionary centered.  Oh ya I had to give a talk about the restoration and talked mainly about the priesthood and how important it is to use and I cried but that's not shocking to anyone right?  The ward is amazing here though and I love them so much.
     Well this week I have been studying the priesthood because it is so important.  Without the priesthood we wouldn't be here in this gospel.  There wouldn't b a prophet called of God to receive revelation.  We would be a lost people.  I know this gospel is true.  I know it with every ounce of my body.  I know that Christ lives and he died for us.  I'm so grateful to be a missionary sharing this gospel.  Doctrine and Covenants 42:6   And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, 
lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God.   We are all called of God to share this gospel.  We all need to be doing that.  You were baptized and you have a name tag on!  It may not be visible to the naked eye but it is there on your heart. BE THAT EXAMPLE and Share the GOSPEL.
   Hope everyone is doing well

Sister Haley McDonald

1) me and sister Mikhail
2) morning after concert we are dead
3) giant bug elders put on our car gross
4) Me feeding a calf
5) the band during our private concert
6) sister Dvaz me sister Brough sister Dillion at the concert
7) me sister Dvaz elder Boulton elder Payne at the concert cool dudes both transferred
8) me and sister Dvaz with Jason the lead singer
9) amazing sunsets we see

Monday, April 11, 2016

This week

 Okay so crazy life I swear I emailed everyone yesterday that's how fast time goes on a mission especially when your days are so packed and busy.
   But on Tuesday we got a new investigator and he seems pretty open about everything but there is a slight possibility he is meeting with us to hang out so ya..   I also got a blessing that day (I was having a hard times focusing) a member who we joke around with gave me a blessing and in the blessing it said that we would find success and people to teach here and then we had a new investigator that day so obviously there are people to teach here.  Random note the weather is so bipolar here tho one hour sunny next 60 mph winds next snowing.  What is this I have to wear different seasoned clothes throughout the day!  I was cold if you couldn't guess
     Wednesday was interesting we had lunch with a less active family and they are super smart and musically talented and she asked us to give a spiritual message...  We aren't sure why they don't come besides that they didn't like how people were in Utah but they are in Montana now its different.  We also got to teach seminary which is really fun we finished Isaiah and we talked a lot about temples which is a wonderful topic!  Later that night we got to brush horses it was fun but cold.  They were beautiful animals but I didn't get any photos :( 
     Thursday I woke up with sores on my tongue and no one can figure them out.  I still have them but I'm not dying so I'm good haha.  We meet with our new investigator again and read the book of Mormon.  He still seems very interested which is awesome hopefully he will want to be baptized.  We meet with another investigator who isn't living the law of Chasity but has a child with her boyfriend so doesn't want to move out which is understandable.  As soon as they are married I know she will get baptized but for now we are going to help her strengthen her relationship with Christ which is great.  Another investigator is going to be baptized in may not sure on the exact date yet but we should find out on Tuesday!  I'm so excited for her and she is one of the golden ones :)
     Friday was an interesting day.. First we had to go to a members home so she wouldn't feel awkward when cutting an elders hair.  It was hilarious she said some funny things and the whole time was second guessing everything she did but the hair cut turned out good haha. We had ZTM that day and it was all about not being discouraged which as a missionary is very important to remember.  We also started grooming a dog that day she was really dirty and nasty but now looks great and is clean.  Her owner cant do that stuff so we are gonna do it now.
   Saturday we finished the dog and talked with a less active and she has given up on all of it now and we know she needs to forgive people but wont so we have to figure out how to help her.
    Sunday was great we fasted for our investigator and hopefully they fasted as well but we aren't sure yet.  Our investigator is for sure getting baptized on July 4 which is so exciting she is also golden of course.  Most of our appointments cancelled but we did start some paperwork which will be good to have on hand.  Also everyone here has decided to match me up with someone its crazy and its always me hardly ever sister Dvaz what is this?  I'm on a mission people haha.  They all also think I have been out a lot longer than two months oh and I hit two months on Sunday and I have to give a talk about restoration wohoo!
     So since I have a talk on it I have been studying the restoration a lot more and really pondering about the blessings.  Because of the restoration we have priesthood, revelation, the whole gospel now just pieces but all of it.  The Gospel is so amazing and we have so much to learn from it.  We can never know all in this life it is literally impossible to know all but we must continue to learn and grow.  I'm so grateful for this gospel and for the priesthood we now have. 
I love you all and I know through Christ we can do all things!
Sister Haley McDonald
1) me and my comp. after brushing horses
2)the sisters in the zone with the elder who had the hair cut he is funny
3)my amazing zone
4)me with horse hair everywhere oh and still finding it in the apartment btw
5) this is coco the dog we groomed

Last week

  well this week has been exhausting and im not totally sure how I am functioning right random side note I was supposed to have a truck but elders ruined it so I have a tiny car and its not fun to drive tiny cars on bumpy dirt roads... now to my amazing week
    We had one family feed us about 4 times this week. they are awesome but he just lost his job like everyone else here. hopefully he can find one soon especially since they are so willing to serve and come to appointments with us all the time.
     She comes to vist a less active family with us thankfully because im not sure how to address some of the anti they come up with. Everyone in the world likes to research the most random stuff about our church and then they believe it and tell me I don't know what im talking about. not like I have been taught to teach or anything haha. sorry for a little rant but ugh
     We get the chance to teach seminary every Wednesday now in the evening. its actually a lot of fun. The kids are great here and really strong in the church well the ones that come but we are teaching in Isaiah and im learning with them. teaching from Isaiah makes it easier for me to understand what in the world he is talking about. it was a really good lesson.
      We have an investigator that wants to be baptized but isn't living the law of chasisty and her boyfriend and father of their child wont marry her. its annoying she wants it so bad but he wont do it. we think he isn't ready for the commit her has basically made already. we are hoping she got an answer from general conference and will nwow know what she needs to do.
      We have an investigator on DATE!!!!!!!! WOHOO shes adorable and wants top be baptized on July 4. that's far but its a special meaning to her and her boyfriend who is a member. she is proably going to ask the boyfriends father but me and Sister D'Vaz know they are going to get married and we can picture them in the temple eing sealed. so cute cant wait maybe ill be there if not whateveres but baptism wohoo. she prayed for the first time yesterday and it was so powerful I almost started crying but they may think im was so amazing and im so excited to help her in the journey!
    General conference amazing!!!!!! I aksed ten questions because someone challenged us to do so and every single one was answered in some way. Uchtdorfs talk was my favorite. I love his analogies so much! We can all rebuil ourselves and we must be built to really help others. if you aren't strong in the gospel how can you truly go and tell other people to join if your not doing your part.General Conference is like a holiday on your mission. Easter and I have been told Christmas don't seem like holidays just radom days that you spend more time with members. We basically jumped out of bed those mronings. General Confernce is the best thing ever! continue to read them too its scripture literally for us today no one else can receive what the Prophet and apostles do.
love you all and hope everything is going well! miss yall!

Sister Haley McDonald
pictures are as follows
1 conference day wohoo
2 my name tag with scriptures(aren't any amazing sunflowers right now its looks like Arizona here but even less right now..)
3 we got comfy chairs two weeks ago and have been having some fun
4 Sister D'Vaz decided to draw on her face by accident it was fun
5 me and my comp isn't she cute?

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Well time is flying so fast and I cant believe I have been gone for this long.  This week we had some random house cleaning for a less active whose health is really bad but now her house looks pretty nice if I say so myself.

We did a ton of less active finding again and we were able to get in with a few of them and just be able to find the homes is nice.  Plus we got back on track we had a few off days but are back to normal.
We had to drop and investigator.  She wasn't open to the church and wouldn't really do the things she needs to do to find out if what we are teaching is true.  She likes to talk a lot about the second coming and its so distracting from missionary work.  I have decided to avoid the topic now.  During our planning for the week another investigator told us she was going to try to get her parents to church which is awesome and they came which is even better!

I went on exchanges this week( I left Sidney for 24 hours to be with a different missionary).  I went to Williston North Dakota and the town is much bigger.  They have a Wal-Mart so ya.  It was a lot of fun.  Sister Shutt the Sister Training Leader says I'm doing good and I know my stuff.  She also thinks I'll be training when I'm done being trained which is in like 8 weeks I think. Everyone thinks that.

We are trying to gain more trust from members so we are going to start teaching the restoration to everyone to show them we can teach and aren't some young kids who don't know what they are doing.  Not that everyone thinks that but just to show them.

On Easter we actually had dinner with a Nonmember family the ones who came to church!  It was great we got to know them and they treated us just like family!  We also got to share the hallelujah video and them seemed to like it.  It was a great day plus the food was awesome.  Ham and German mac and cheese plus snickers salad.  yummy.

Then we went to a member home for more food and they gave us a bunch of cake.  We have so much sugar in our apartment its insane.  I'm sure I have already gained like 5 or so pounds. lol missionary life.
Well this week is all focused on the atonement. We need to use it everyday. Christ died for us. He suffered a TON  for us.  Don't waste what he did for us. The atonement is amazing and we need to use it daily.  Which on of you is perfect?  I know I'm not.  I know every member in this church isn't and we need that atonement.  How else are we to change and grow without it.  Use the atonement its there for a reason not to collect dust!
Well I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Haley McDonald