North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Zone conference!

as the weeks go by they just get busier and busier! we haven't been able to tract at all which is actually super great! we love it!
Monday we met some families in the 3rd ward trying to get to know people so we can best work with them.
 Tuesday we worked on some paperwork to help us in 3rd ward get some things done. then we did service at Bethel. tried some less actives and then had dinner with a family helped someone move and talked to the non-member friends helping so that was sweet then we taught our investigators. we took them off date for the 15th it was too soon but should be just pushing it back in August. they are good though. oh then we exchanged
 Wednesday we helped some investigators move for 4 hours that was fun cute family! then we did some studies and then had dinner and we did a young women's activity. I should have gotten pictures but it was great we answered questions and made them ride bikes in skirts haha it was a fun time!
 Thursday was weekly planning. we tried a potential that night and not only had she read a lot of the book of Mormon but her husband has also read and her daughter wants to read!  They invited us for dinner tomorrow and a lesson.  We are super excited.  So many miracles!
  Friday was district meeting which is always fun! then we tried some potentials and found some cool guys that might want to learn so that's sweet! then we meet some more members in the 3rd ward! 
  Saturday we tried less active and rode our bikes all day! we had interviews with the president which is always great love him it's great! 
   Sunday we had church we taught the young women in 2nd ward and that was really fun. however also had to call the cops. it's a great story. we were sitting in young women's some guys were setting off fireworks in the apartments right by us. they started a fire put it out then set another firework off let it run and then walked away when it was done... well the fire restarted so we found someone to put it out and it was fun. the young women enjoyed watching us outside haha apparently we saved the day haha. 
yesterday was zone conference and we went to Sidney so that was weird I got to talk to the stake president and get some updates so that was nice! it was weird being back but we had to leave right after to get to dinner. it was a good day though
 Well, happy 4th of July have a fun time but don't set anything on fire!
love you!
Sister Haley McDonald
1 selfies
2 sister Allen and sister Bennett stayed with us
3 on the road to Sidney
4 the Bruhs! from rapid we are missing sister Wright!
5 most of the group that came out with me

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