North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

Another week gone by...

so I have this theory that each week goes faster and faster and it's crazy. how is it already p-day again? this week was awesome though we accomplished a lot,
    Tuesday was a great day. we played softball with the 1st ward and all the missionaries then we had a water balloon fight that was fun! then we played sports and roasted mini marshmallows and made smores. after p-day ended we went to a members and hung out with them then went to another members to watch some fireworks but it was still too light out for us to really do that so we came home and watched some from our apartment since we still had to be in at 1030.
    Wednesday we saw one of our investigators and taught the plan of salvation but we are probably going to drop her this week. we don't think she is super interested. then we saw another investigator and she has a ton of questions its great! we werent really able to teach anything but it was good the member basically taughter the restoration and the spirit was so strong holy cow! then we had dinner with a member and then taught our part member family and they are doing good. so we taught 4 investiagtors in 1 day it was awesome
   Thursday we weekly planned and basically got it all done wohoo. havent done that in a while! then we tried a potential wasnt home so we tried another one and we got an appointment wiht her so thats cool. then we read with the part member family and that was good. the daughter is really starting to understand.
  Friday was chaos. we had a tonof appointments set but a lot fell through. we still met with some people though so thats good. we were able to see a semi active sister who i love she is struggling but we are gonna help her because thats what we do best haha. we also got  a new investigator by trying some one a member asked us to see.oh also we got a call that we will be getting a new car that has a bike hitch so we can ride bikes but we get to drive the zone leaders truck for a day so needless to say im excited haha.
   Saturday we helped someone pack and then re deep cleaned our car(we had permission i swear) it has to be super clean cause its going back to the mission office today. then we saw a less active who has decided himself to come back to church get the priesthood and a patriarchal belssing so that was awesome. then we tried some more people. it was a great night.
   Sunday was busy as usual. we went to 3rd ward and stayed the entire time but a member brought her friend and in class she asked how does one become a member.... so now we are teaching her it was awesome. we were all kinda shocked. then we had ward council it was bomb then the next ward council haha it was good too. then we went to 2nd ward we werent gonna stay the entire time but then part of the part member family we are teaching came so we stayed and were able to show them the baptismal fount and the duaghter really enjoyed it so that was good.then we had dinner and then did some paperwork stuff which was nice to be able to sit and breath since being at church for 11 hours is very draining but still really good.
well i hope you all ahve a great week love you!

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2 Happy 4Th of July!

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