North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

11 months!

holy cow crazy week let me tell you!
first they moved our p day this week because the library was closed but all is well. oh its really warm gonna be 40 degrees today its almost summer haha except it will snow this weekend apparently.
Monday we had dinner with the hedlunds for my birthday they made chicken parm. it was so good.they even bought me a gift love them. then we planne our training some more to make sure it was all good
Tuesday was zone training. let me tell you probably the best training i have ever attended the spirit was so strong i loved it. it was just amazing i cant believe how good it was.we started exchanges with sister beutler and weeks. it was really good. love them a lot
Wednesday was a day of trying everyone in the world i swear but it was fun.we drove to sturgis to exchange back and got food. it was a fun day the sisters are awesome!
Thursday we weekly planned always fun. everyone cancelled so we tried some more people it was loads of fun.
Friday we exchanged with the other sisters. sister seegmiller and allen. sister seegmiller came with me and we saw a good amount of people that day. it was really nice. we also ahd some fun experiences but im not gonna email those to you... the life of a missionary let me tell you some days its crazy!
Saturday we had ward correlation and brother hedlund just starts talking about how we are awesome since our mission is rough. it was so nice to hear. we had dinner the day with the jones they are pretty awesome converts because a FRIEND invited them to church not the missionaries hmmm thats interesting....
Sunday was really good ward council went really well. we had a few less actives at church and that was awesome.we tried some people and tracted and handed out 8 Book of Mormons. it was a good day.
Monday we tried a ton of people but it was a really good day. we had dinner witht the hedlunds and they made ribs so yummy. they are like the best cooks i swear.
well i hope everyone has a wonderful week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 all the sisters in the zone
2 us and the zone leaders
3 me and my comp
4 pday pics are awesome

Birthday Celebration

Here is Haley's birthday celebration.  She turned 20 on 1/9 and celebrated with a ward family.

crazy week..

Monday we had dinner with the stahls and it was awesome a less active family was there and we did a family mission plan for their family home evening.
Tuesday we had to weekly plan and tried people all day it was busy.
Wednesday was fun we went to MLC oh man i love it. always get to know the zone leaders well its fun and the temple which is my favorite thing!!!!!!!! then i got to see sister Dvaz and wells oh i love them all!
Thursday was Council day. always long but it was good. then we took the long drive home got back about 930 so tired but so excited for everything that will be happening!!!!!!!!!!!! it will all be fun.
Friday we had district meeting and then had lunch as a district we went to this Chinese place and it was good. then we planned with the zone leaders. then we saw some people. saw a less active couple and there lesson went well. they were reall talkative about it all. 
Saturday we came to rapid and helped someone pack some things then we weekly planned cause weren't done with that then we went to a baptism in the other ward. then we had lunch with the sisters which was fun then planned with the zone leaders until we meet with our ward mission leader at night. it was a long crazy day!
Sunday was really good church was awesome! love the sacrament. then we saw a ton of people man i love teaching people i missed it. 
hope you all have a great week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 reunited at mlc
2 my mom and grandma
3 trio days flashback
4 selfies

Happy New Years!

Okay so last Monday we got transfer calls but i was already done emailing so sister wright went to Minot and i got sister Brough on Thursday!
Tuesday sister wright packed a lot but we saw our investigator and she is so golden. sister wright said good bye and she said she will invite her to her baptism next summer (it would be sooner but there is a chastity problem)
Wednesday was mainly saying good bye and packing nothing to exciting.
Thursday we took sister wright to the church to go to Bismarck. i was in a trio for a day. i was with sister seegmiller and Allen they are awesome! i was able to write letters back to people and we saw our investigator again. It was the bets lesson yet. it was very calm and she cried a little bit. she also told her cousin to back off of the missionaries cause she likes learning! she basically a member but like the best ever so golden!!!!!!! i got to meet the sister investigator holy cow he is so funny and i gave him some sass and he was quiet haha and they were able to have a good lesson. it was awesome! then i got sister Brough wohoo! she is awesome and im so excited to be with her this transfer.
Friday we have district meeting and it was really good. we meet with a lot of people and basically all the lessons were about the plan and that was really cool! we saw our ward mission leader for dinner and we had a really good lesson after and she is studying her patriarchal blessing more so thats awesome!
Saturday we went to a baptism but the person didn't show i feel so bad! but we meet with the elders to discuss Philip group.. if anyone knows how to help a group become a branch and support them i would love to hear your thoughts!. it was new years eve and the Winwards a senior couple in the area help and gathering for us. we had dinner and played games and holy cow it was so much fun. Elder Winward is hilarious he pushed elder Nielsen backwards ina reclining chair and it was the best plus he burned sister Seegmiller haha it was a good night.
Sunday was interesting.... most everyone cancelled almost had a fight during gospel principles all normal stuff right?? ya but we had a good lesson about scriptures with a less active so that was good.

i hope you all have a fabulous week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 me and sister wright
2 all the hand sanitizes i got for Christmas....i got a problem
3 sister brough and i!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Merry day after Christmas!

well this week was awesome!
we got 2 new investigators!!!!!!!!!!! they are super solid and want to be baptized and come closer to god its beyond exciting!
we also actually ended up with a blizzard yesterday it was insane. couldn't really see the road but the elders drove us around thankfully.we Skype which was fun. always a good time to talk to the family.then we hung out with members all day. played some games and helped with dinner. it was so much fun i love my mission and meeting all these new people. its the best thing ever!
hope everyone had a good Christmas and have a good new year!
love you

Sister Haley McDonald
1 dinner with the hedlunds
2 us with our tree in pjs
3 Christmas selfie
4 beginning of the blizzard.. it got worse


well we had exchanges this week. sister allen came to the valley with me! it was fun we tried a ton of people and got to have a lot of fun. we had dinner with them and its always fun hanging out with them!
we had to get our car fixed because the air wouldnt stay warm and its cold here well its actually warm today but ya.
friday we had to stay inside because there was a storm and it was too we hung out.
Saturday we went to the ward Christmas party that was fun we had an inside snowball fight which was great. kids tried to attack us.
Yesterday was the best. we went to philip with the elders. we gave a lesson and then we saw a ton of people out there it was great! i love the group hopefully they will be a branch soon.
sorry my emails are so short i just do the same thing and i love it!!!!!!!!!!
oh i love being on a mission and seeing the good in people its my favorite thing!
1 a giant deer in kadoka
2 snow
3 pretty mornings!

Sister Haley McDonald