North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

6/5/17 to 6/18/17

Well sorry I missed last week but some great things happened so I'm gonna tell you all about it.

       Monday the 5th we met with our investigators we taught the daughter and mom who is less active but we got to know where she stands better and it was really good. we are helping the daughter to understand more and it's going really well.
        Tuesday we tried lots of people then we did service at the nursing place they are so nice and like to ask questions which is awesome! then we went tracting and handed out a book of Mormon to a lady that was recovering from surgery and she said she would read it. we also met this less active family and they are awesome but need to come to church. we are going to get them back!
       Wednesday we tried some people and then we weeded a garden that was fun didn't take as long as we thought so that's good!
      Thursday we weekly planned and went to a relief society activity. it was based on the 5 little pigs so it was cute.
       Friday we tried a ton of people so that was fun and we did some planning.
       Saturday in the morning we tried people but then we were running late everywhere. we meet some new people in our ward they were super nice and it was just crazy but it was really good too!
      Sunday we had ward council which was awesome then church where some of the best talks i have heard were given they were awesome.she talked about understanding the gospel and how them moving up here has truly helped them. it was great! then we had dinner with an awesome family they are great and then we taught our investigators the plan of salvation and put them on a date for baptism! it was awesome. they are doing so good too!

       Monday the 12th well this day we did nothing basically. I was super sick so we had to stay in but I finally watched the best 2 years so now no one can be super shocked that I hadn't watched it. we got transfer calls sister Spendlove has left me and is in Bemidji now so that's awesome!
       Tuesday I was feeling better so we got right back to work. we met some more members of the ward then did service at the nursing home and this sweet old man was talking with us and might want to learn about the gospel so that's awesome! then we saw a single sister we just love her so much then we had dinner with this family and she offered to etch on cups stuff for our mission I haven't fully decided on mine but sister Spendlove was pretty awesome so I'm excited to have that one day! then we did more service for some less actives who have a fox I need to get a picture but its pretty cool.
      Wednesday we met another family in the ward and then went to see the single sister again she fed us lunch and we helped with some little things that needed to be done. then sister Spendlove packed and I did some other things around the apartment. then we saw some members so sister Spendlove could say bye. we saw our investigators and got a lesson set up they are awesome the daughter was sad to see her leave too!
       Thursday was transfer day we didn't know who my comp was but I hung out with sister Beutler and Myers and we may have done a transfer board and guessed my companion was sister weeks! it was fabulous. we picked up sister weeks and I and her got her all settled in.
      Friday we had district meeting which was really good our district made up this great movie based off a would you rather question wish we would have filmed it but oh well.we mainly weekly planned that whole evening. we had a lesson at 2 which was really good.
    Saturday was good we stopped in on some people then we helped with the scouts day camp that was fun played some awesome games with them. it was raining basically all day we went to try people but when we were outside there was a good amount of thunder so we went back in. then we had dinner with a fun family then taught English class someone finally showed up! then we had a lesson with our investigator the dad he has a strong desire to come to church and change but his work is the worst it keeps getting in the way! it's awful!
     Sunday was fathers day it was great we gave the men pie and then we got some haha it was wonderful! then we tried most of the referrals we have and it was good they weren't really interested but it was good that we met them.

so for fathers day, we shared this video and it's a good one you should watch it really fast! 

1 the pigs from the relief society activity
2 ice cream after service
3 the view from a member home
4 morning of transfers
5 New companion after rain storm

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