North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Doctrine and covenants 18:10-16

Monday we started exchanges with the canyon lake sisters! i went with sister Kotter to canyons area. we had dinner with this less active at this bomb mexican place but holy cow it was expensive. also he contradicted himself a lot so not really sure how that is gonna work out but he bought so much food it was crazy....... he also said my beauty is in my strength. before dinner we had a lesson with a sister in their ward and she was so sweet the spirit was strong too.
Tuesday was bomb. we tried a ton of people but then we saw their investigator that we put on date for the 13 of may oh my word! when she asked her to get baptized that day the spirit got so strong and her family was watching her and wanted it for her. oh my word the spirit in that room was amazing. i love it!!!! also had some other great lessons but that one was the best one!
wednesday we tried a ton of people but then had a bomb ward correlation meeting. they are awesome and we have been improving on them so much its great! the ward mission is coming together we love it!
thursday was weekly planning day but that night we saw kevin one of our investigators... he is awesome he said he would be baptized if he came to know these things are true. it was grand but we cant see him for another week and it will be transfer week so we dont know if we will teach him again or not... sad day :( 
Friday we had a bomb district meeting elder beeson our district leader had asked me to give a mini training on hope which is super cool cause that was the christlike attribute i was working on last month. 
ether 12:4  Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with suretyhope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.
later in the chapter we are promised a great eternal life if we do our part here! as long as we know about the gospel

32 And I also remember that thou hast said that thou hast prepared a house for man, yea, even among the mansions of thy Father, in which man might have a more excellent hope; wherefore man must hope, or he cannot receive an inheritance in the place which thou hast prepared.
we will have an awesome life in the next life if we do our part here!
that night we saw the taylor man i miss them its been too long.
saturday was trying a lot of people always fun.
sunday we did the same but church was awesome however half the ward was missing because everyone is sick!!!!!!!!!! its lame.
well i hope you all have a great week. Turn to the lord he is always there even when we feel alone!
Sister Haley McDonald

exchanges with canyon sisters
bag a popcorn someone gave us while we were picking up trash so we walked around with popcorn in our hands for a while...

14 Months as Sister McDonald!

well kind of a crazy week thats for sure!
Monday we started exchanges with sister Allen and Willie! i went with sister Willie to rapid city it was fun.
Tuesday on exchanges we walked about 8 miles at least haha it was good though! we also found a new investigator for Sister willies area it was awesome! also she is a bomb missionary!
Wednesday we exchanged back and basically stayed in rapid forever haha we had planning and stuff to do so that was fun.then we had dinner with this awesome family i just love this ward. then we had ward correlation and it was pretty good we are finally getting some things done wohoo!
Thursday we helped a member get to a doctors appointment so we didn't get any weekly planning done.... we had an awesome lesson with 2 new sisters in our ward. they are so great!
Friday we had zone conference and got these awesome things called tiwi's well pro 400's because we got the newest version... basically it records our driving and reports it to the mission office and president at the end of each transfer... the worst part can only go 5 miles an hour in parking lots...... its okay its yelling at sister Brough not me right now wohoo! we also had a ward party that night it was a good turn out lots of fun!
Saturday we had interviews with president. they were good then we had lunch with some awesome members. we tried inviting our neighbors to an Easter performance but no one was home! so then we went to rehearsal and then performed. it was the Garden you all should go look it up cause its awesome! then we tracted and it was great!
Sunday was Easter our ward did this written musical sacrament and it was awesome. We weekly planned yesterday as well. We had dinner with the hedlunds it was so good so much food! but we watched the kids do an Easter egg hunt before dessert and oh my it was so cute also have never seen so many eggs in my life haha it was a good day!
#princeofpeace! such a wonderful day to remember Jesus Christ and his resurrection!Love you all!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 on exchanges with sister Willie
2 Our Easter basket exchange
3 Easter selfie


well we had a crazy week! 
we went on exchanges sister weeks came here we saw a ton of miracles and got to help a ton of people. i really dont know what happened this week.
saturday we helped with the primary activites day thing and we were in charge of sac races..... i raced 10 year olds 3 times then they got sister brough to race me and i lost!!!!!!!!!!! kinda sad i did cause pain that round though haha i got a good work out though. the rest of the day was tracxting well no one was home so not that fun. 
sunday church was amazing it was fast and testimony. i love our ward so much.not much else to report got another busy week but here are some photos! love you all happy easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald

Temple trip!

Tuesday we drove up to bismarck in street clothes it was so weird but nice haha i could sit however i wanted. we got to play sports with president and sister hess and all the zone leaders and aister training leaderrs in the mission so much fun! then we went to the temple after we got all nice agin haha
wednesday was mlc so that was sun and it was shoprt but great things are coming in our mission!
thursday was planning but we saw jennifer  and nattot and they are awesome so solid. they just gotta get married and we are working on it!also we had dinner with a family it was so funny there 6 year old has a girlfriend and that happened because  she kissed him haha we were laughing so hard.
Friday we had Zone training meeting and it was awesome #princeofpeace
look it up its so good!
saturday and sunday were general conference so good loved Elder Braggs talk about the light of christ man just love it so much!

 hope you all have a good week love you!
Sister Haley McDonald
 creepy crawlspace adventure
 sisters in the zone
 our zone

Sunday, April 2, 2017


so last monday we went and had a tour of the air force we got to go into a B-1 It was awesome!!!!! got some awesome pictures!
We just tried a ton of people and did some awesome planning for this transfer too! its gonna be the best one yet! 
Sunday everyone we are teaching showed up to church!!!  we also found out that one of the people we are teaching for sure wants to be baptized so now we just have to wait for them to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for this next transfer!!!!!!!!!!!
hope you all have a great week also dont forget to ask a question for general conference.

Sister Haley McDonald
1 me in the b-1
2 our zone at the tour
3 our ward missionaries before transfers

Transfer calls....

well i'm staying in rapid city!!!!!!!!!!!
Its been a crazy week! a lot of service we packed people and moved them so that was fun definitely got a work out! nothing too crazy happened.
everyone in the ward thought i was being transferred so they decided i needed to say prayers in sacrament and ward council haha but its all good! i'm excited to be here longer its a fun time in rapid!
oh part of our service was packing a lady and she has like 10 big totes of clothes plus a million shoes!!!! its crazy
sorry my email is so short my brain isn't functioning!
have a good week love you all!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 elder nielsen faces
2 all the selfies
3 we were tired after service
4 more selfies

Interesting week...

well it has been a fun and busy week.
tuesday evening we saw a less active family and they might start coming to church soon. also i seriously injured my foot during p-day..... it was throbbing but it was better the next day but that night i was out of it because it hurt and all i did was step but apparently i dont know how to do that anymore haha.
Wednesday we saw some new member thats moved in and they are solid just gotta get them to church and being comfortable! then we went to the church to talk to the ward mission leader and on the way there they kept giving us brain teasers and they got me good on one haha cant really type it though sorry.
Thursday we weekly planned and had a lot of things to do. we had some good lessons. had dinner with the worthingtons and they are awesome.
Friday we tried a ton of people but no one answered. we saw jennifer and she is still so solid i just love her and her family they are great!
Saturday we went and did a clean up on base that was fun we even got to drive ourselves on it was weird but still good! we tried to see some other people but no one was home again. 
Sunday was really good jennifer and natto came. we ended up teaching the valiant 10-11 class got pulled in but its all about joseph smith so it was good haha we went to the hedlunds to try and tract some people down haha we got some good info but arent sure where they are still.its been a good and busy week though!
love you hope you have a good week 
Sister Haley McDonald
1 selfies
2 may have locked her in the bathroom haha