North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

crazy busy week...

basically this week was spent planning for zone conference. we put together this awesome Christmas party with ugly sweaters talent show and testimony meeting.
Friday was zone conference so we got a lot of training and had so much fun. our training was really good. we hope that it helped everyone. during planning earlier in the week though we had this deer head... remember what mission im in but we named it Steve and there are some funny videos hahaha.... 
1our Christmas tree
2 us and the zone leaders with Steve the deer..
3 Christmas party night
4 our amazing zone :)
5 some of the decorations we had
love you all have a great week :)
Sister Haley McDonald


well first off we are getting snow this week hopefully we haven't gotten like any thus far. but maybe this week
we have been working on family;y mission plans with everyone lately. so let me explain a family mission plan is a plan to accomplish by the end of the year and then have goals to get there
so like for the year have someone take the discussions so monthly you'll have family home evening or attend the temple and daily you'll pray for mission opportunities for yourself not just missionaries. so thats a lot of fun seeing what families want ot do and you are able to measure what you need help with.
so 25 ways over 25 days
day 1: we cleaned a ladys house because she cant do it anymore and there was a lot of trash we didnt get it asll done because there is so much we wish we could do more
day 2: i wrote the parents but it probably isnt there yet..
day 3: told someone how awesome there are
day 4: we went to church

they are so easy everyone should do them and it really just helps you be a nice human being its great.
i dont think anything crazy happened this week so i love you all you awesome have a great week :)

Sister Haley McDonald
1 went on exchanges this week
2 our cool district
3 most of our zone at mt rushmore
4 the missionaries in the rapid valley ward

Happy thanksgiving!!

well its been a good life 
Monday we played some sports and then we played card games at a members and its so much fun they are the best. then me and sister wright had a really good conversation about being better to really help the ward do missionary work.
tuesday was like the best day we had awesome lessons and it was just a wonderful day.we had a less active really tell us what is wrong and it was the best thing i have never felt the spirit work through me like that and all it was was tesimony thats it and it was like the best thing of my life.
Wednesday we saw a less active and her home is always amazing i love it. she also told us why she doesnt come to church and how its hard for her it was great.we planned with the elders that day to help the members and that was good as well.then we went tracting pretty good stuff. then we met with a new family who are the best they just get it all. they also got home like 2 years ago from their mission in boston they are the best!
Thursday was THANKSGIVING but odly i didnt eat until i died it was weird..... but loads of fun we hung out with members all day and played games got to really know them. and it was great kinda weird going to someones home for thanksgiving but all good haha
Friday was good too. during studies i was thinking about how i can find people and district meeting was all about it how unique haha.we talked about the new christmas video.
the rest of the week was trying people so nothing crazy.

so this is the Christmas video and everyone should watch it and do the 25 ways over 25 days its the best thing and i just love it so much
enjoy this Christmas season but remember we should always be willing to help others love you all!
Sister Haley McDonald
1 selfies with the rapid sisters
2 thanksgiving day
3 the dog its huge so cute!!!!!!!!!!!