North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

17 months

what the fruit how has it already been 17 months? well, I have been serving a mission for 17 months today and it's the best thing I could ever do. I can't believe how fast time has gone. 
  Monday we had dinner with a family it was a good time sweet lesson with them so that was good. 
  Tuesday we went with a member to a lesson and the lesson was bomb the couple has decided they want to come back to church and it was so sweet how everything happened. then we went to try someone but their address was wrong so we ended up at some ranch it was kinda awkward haha. we tried lots of people that day so that was fun.
  Wednesday we went out to Crosby which is about an hour away our appointment canceled when we were half way up but we were able to try some other families so that was good. then we went to go exchange with the sisters for a while. sister weeks decided her and the car door aren't friends needless to say the car won and now sister weeks has some damage to her finger. she went to the ER on exchanges I was worried but she is still alive so that's good. 
   Thursday we weekly planned and helped a family who is moving out so that was fun. then we tried some more people that night.
   Friday we had district meeting and then basically tried people all day. this week was definitely a try people all the time kind of week but hey it's great.
  Saturday we walked because after attempting to ride bikes sister weeks popped her tire, haha but it was all good. that night we went to a baptism it was sweet our part member family came and the daughter wants to be baptized so we put her on a date for August 5th so that should be fun.
 Sunday we went to church and the Addiction recovery class so that was fun. good times
have a great week!
1 car selfies
2 the sky
3 when we had the truck... but hey a Rav is pretty sweet too
4 we have to wrap the finger everyday haha
5 another selfie
Sister Haley McDonald

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