North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, May 30, 2016

Well its been crazy here people.  A little overwhelming some days but trying to do it all.
    Monday we got stuck in some members homes but they were fun conversations.
  Tuesday we had exchanges so Sister Shutt came to Sidney.  We saw one less active and were able to have a conversation which is a miracle!!!!  Then we saw another less active who we read with before going to dinner.  After dinner we had ward coordination which didn't go well at all.  I needed sister D'Vaz there because the members went against stuff I was saying about less actives they don't see and we see each week....  I was upset but we went and did work and then got food from a bridal shower we didn't attend :)
   Wednesday we switched back and we went to a less active/investigators home and had an awesome lesson but we won't being seeing them till September now....  Then we went to a members home to get a hair cut for Sister D'Vaz.  Then we went to a lesson in a members home but the investigator was extremely distracted so it was just okay.  We talked with the member and got some advice about other investigators since she is an awesome Returned Missionary.  Then we had to go give seminary their test and we ran late for dinner because it had to be done that day.  I always feel awful showing up late.
 Thursday we cut members lawn which was fun and had lunch there.  I tried crab but it was just okay.  Then we had to weekly plan and most of our appointments fell through so we tried a bunch of people who wouldn't answer.
  Friday we went to district meeting but had to drive back to Sidney to have interviews with president.  We couldnt hang out with the sisters who are leaving now.  But interviews went well.  I found out I was staying and was gonna be very busy but Sister D'Vaz found out all of it.  Then we saw some people but it was really hard to stay focused after that.  Super hard.  We were invited to a members home  for ice cream because our temple trip on saturday got cancelled.  That was a lot of fun.
   Saturday we had calls to confirm what we were told the night before.  Me and Sister D'Vaz are staying another transfer and getting Sister Wells.  I'm in a trio well will be on Thursday.  But the elders area is getting closed down so we have 8 towns to be over and Wait for it WE GET THE NISSAN ROGUE!!!!  No more tiny car that can barely hold speed.  Super excited but this also means we have to move again not excited about that either but it should be a fun transfer.  We had lunch with a less active and it was yummy.  Most of our appointments fell through again.  Then we went to dinner at a members property in Crane we had a bonfire and hobo dinners which were super good.  We smelt like smoke but thats okay!  Then we went to an investigators home and she opened the door!  She hasnt opened it herself in months so super exciting.
      Sunday was good.  We had to teach valiant 10 and it was fun.  They will be awesome missionaries when they go out.  Then we had a really good lesson with our daily less active about patriarchal blessings and we have set that as a goal for her.  We saw some people who weren't at church and we got excuses but they should be there next week.  We had dinner with this family who is just so much fun to be around.  Love this ward so much and glad I'm staying longer.
  Well this week has been crazy and this next week will be even worse.  But hey its work and we are glad to not be bored! love you all :)
Sister Haley McDonald
1 seminary class
2 me on the lawn mower 
3 see crab
4 Sister Dvaz pointing to a smiley face a member drew on the window
5 the smiley face

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Well this week was a little odd. since we had to drive to Bismarck and move so it was weird.
       Monday we left with the elders to Glendive and then drove with the sisters to Bismarck.  We were going to play sports but then we saw stores and we all got new outfits for zone conference... It is hard to not shop in a big town when you have like 2 stores normally and they aren't cheap... We had applebees too loads of fun.  Then we went to the sisters apartment in Bismarck.  We talked with them for a while one of the sisters is my missionary grandma and is super cute love her and the other sister was a lot of fun as well.
       Tuesday we had to get ready earlier since they were feeding us breakfast at 7 at the church.  We went to the church and waited for Elder Martino to come.  So exciting we got to shake his hand and his wife's hand well I gave her a hug because she is a sister and I can do that.  The Zone conference was so good though!!  He basically chastised all of the missionaries but we needed it.  He also told us we shouldn't be tracting because its not effective and that MEMBERS are the way to go...  So we are avoiding tracting because members are how its done.  So after Zone Conference we hung out with other missionaries because we don't see that many very often.  Then we got lost trying to find the mission office but we figured it out and then took the long drive back to Glendive.  Where we got in the elders car and drove another hour home (it takes 4 hours to get to Bismarck).  It was a lot of fun though.  Got to see some missionaries that got transferred. 
      Wednesday we went on splits with the relief society president and one of her counselors.  I was able to meet one og our less active sisters who is getting married.  We also got to see another sister who told us she cant come to church without starting a fight at home.  How ridiculous is that?  It bothers me... but she cant deal with it because she is pregnant and I feel so bad for her.  We were able to read with another less active who seems to be doing a lot better and was at church yesterday.
    Thursday we had weekly planning and we packed.  I forgot how much packing sucks and I just don't wanna do it.  We did take stuff over to the new apartment though.  The member who we moved in with took us out for dinner and it was yummy.  After dinner we went to Fairview with some members to see an investigator but she refused to come out so we talked to her less active husband who promised to be at church again and he was so that was good.  We had some entertaining conversations with the member and now owe them cupcakes because they called the elders and asked a weird question.  We were dying in the car but we had to be quiet.
       Friday was moving day so we packed and waited for the elders to help us move since we have a small car that holds a small amount of stuff.  We were wanting to go have a lesson but we couldn't because we didn't know when they would show up.  But we got moved and the Bismarck zone leaders came with the stuff we needed besides some bed frames which will come with transfers next week.  We did have a really good lesson with a less active though who isn't going to the temple now which sucks but they are talking more.  We went to drop something off at a members home and got invited for pizza so we did training with members which was awesome especially since the home was a less active one super cool went very well.
        Saturday was weird as well. We saw a less active and walked a lot we can walk from one side to another in like 30 minutes.  But we tried some people who wouldn't answer and then we went to the members home to go to the Luau.  We did get permission from President.  It was a lot of fun. Authentic food and the wards in Williston out it on but we couldn't see all of it.  We had to drive back for a baptism.  It was super good though the spirit was so strong.  They also asked us to bare out testimonies.  The missionaries I mean.  So all 4 of us shared testimonies and it was so good especially since its hard for this family right now.
       Sunday was really good as well.  I got put on the spot for questions about the holy ghost and how it would be without it and I wanted to cry because I don't want to be without it.  Having the spirit is so important I don't wanna be without it.  Then we saw a less active who came to church but didn't stay so we are gonna get her to stay one day!  Then we went to dinner German mac and cheese super good.  We had dinner with the investigator on date and her fiance and the elders. We talked wedding details and the rings they are choosing from are gorgeous.  So excited for them.  We went to a less active to do some service it was very simple just helping cut some fruit up for a party that's happening today.
      Its been an odd week and I have been out for 3 months which is crazy.  I love missionary work and being able to serve in Montana.  I know that this is where the Lord wants me and I know he knows me individually.  I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 3 all about how the Lord gives us everything and that is so true.  I love you all have a fabulous week!

Sister Haley McDonald

1 Bismarck car ride new dress :)
2 me and my comp in car
3 car that belongs to a member and we wrote on it :)
4 the view from our new place its a cross from the church across the street
5 Luau pictures
6 Picture in front of Temple (she did not say which one or who is with her)
7 Bismarck trip and the sisters that she went with
8 Having fun in the car ride to Bismarck

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Okay so this may be hard to do I have to leave to go to Bismarck for Zone conference today and we cut our times short to hang out with the missionaries in Bismarck. 
  Monday we watched Disney movies as usual now always fun.  Sister D'Vaz hasn't seen Pocahontas in a while so she was a little upset about that one.  It was entertaining though.
 Tuesday we saw a less active who basically pushed us out the door which was odd.  So we are confused about that.  One sister wouldn't answer the door and then gave us excuses but we know she was home we heard her.  Missionaries are sometimes like stalkers its fun.  We read with another less active and she was so excited to read.  We read like 3 chapters but then we had to leave. :(
   Wednesday we went to a LA actives home for lunch and got a new investigator.  She asks awesome questions like where do dinosaurs fit in to the creation and things like that.  She is very smart.  We are excited to teach her though.  Then we were running really late to an appointment at a members home and the member started a lesson without us.  How awesome is that?  This ward is awesome love them so much!!!  We had seminary and we are sad because we only have one more class with them and its a test class so it might be boring.  After seminary we checked out our new apartment which is really nice and we will be moving in this Friday.  So now we need to pack and that isn't fun.....
   Thursday Our less active we see almost daily drank a beer....  We are a little frustrated right now....  She was doing so good though ughh.  I wanted to cry I was so upset.  She just doesn't understand it but she wont listen either!  Later that day after weekly planning we went with a sister in the ward to see an investigator and she wouldn't leave without anyone answering the door.  It was great and we got in.  She was really bold with them and they promised they would be at church.
   Friday We had district meeting and then we went to lunch with the sisters who we love so much. We had dinner with the family we eat with every Friday and it was so good they are opening up more to us.  We may start teaching an investigator in their home soon.
   Saturday we saw a potential and had a prayer with him which was nice.  We are hoping to have him in a members home for dinner soon.  A less active we saw isn't doing good and they aren't going to the temple next week.  The whole trip was planned for them as well so that's sucks....  We saw the family that promised they would be at church again and it was another great lesson. Hopefully we are making progress.  They have cut back on smoking which is awesome!
   Sunday we had a ton of less actives come.  The less active we see daily came and we wanted to jump with joy!!  However the family that promised they would be there wasn't.  So we will be finding their excuse sometime this week.....  We finished one of our investigators lessons but she isn't getting baptized until July so aren't sure what we are going to teacher yet.  We went to Wibaux for dinner and this family is great.  So cute and both are missionaries well were but still amazing people and family.  Always enjoy those visits.
     Okay so I cant remember anything I studied right now so sorry but I want to challenge everyone to get a fresh Book of Mormon and write a question in the front and read it looking for that answer.  I'm sure the missionaries will give you one.  I know that as you do this your understanding will improve and you will get a lot more out of it.  I love you all hope you have a fabulous week

Sister Haley McDonald

1 we were cute that day so :)
2 the family we had dinner with love them they are ranchers
3 might be my fav
sorry for lack of photos this week we were extra busy

Monday, May 9, 2016

Well another crazy week that goes by in like 5 minutes. I have almost been out 3 months and it feels like days no joke.
 Monday was Pday of course and we watched more Disney movies 😁 love my president just saying.  We had dinner at a members home it was Filipino food and it was delicious! Then we saw our less active who hurt herself.  She is so much fun to be around.
   Tuesday we saw a sister who we are trying to get to the temple and she was okay. She is still struggling with her husband but we are supporting her as much as possible. Hopefully they will be at the temple this month. We went to Savage for dinner which was also delicious.  Then we had ward coordination like every Tuesday and saw another less active who has been having health issues and unable to come to church. We feel bad for her and the doctors are running more tests soon.
 Wednesday we did a family history hour and learned how to index from a member and she is so funny.  Love going to their home.  We saw our less active we see like everyday and read with her. She has improved a lot this past month or so. We taught seminary which we only teach one more time before they are done.  Sad time love teaching the students here.
    Thursday was weekly planning which is always fun. We saw a recent convert who is ten but his home has a strange vibe now.  It's really off and me and sister Dvaz did our lesson but left.  It was awkward and we weren't sure what changed but other people in the ward noticed it as well.  We saw an elderly woman who is less active and started reading with her and she came to church yesterday.  We were so excited!
   Friday..... was a crazy morning.  We got a call from the mission office and they said an issue has come up in Fairview which is where the elders are.  It was so seriously we thought someone was getting ET which is emergency transferred.  When that happens you leave your assigned area that day.  No one was ET thankfully had a mini heart attack there.  But the real deal was the elders might need to leave where they are living soon and they would take our place and we would move to members guest house.  This member is so loaded though.  We still have to check it out but we believe we will move before transfers this month.  The members place is cheaper and possibly nicer.  We were told possibly be moving today but thats not happening. We get more time than that thankfully.  So we had to go through the day not knowing about the move.  No one has given us any info on that still but whatever.  The rest of the day was good we walked a lot but we have walked like everyday this week which is nice. 
  Saturday we had district meeting.  We found out about Zone Conference and Elder Martino is coming and we all get to shake his hand so excited.  We have some stuff to study and prepare for but so excited.  Then we had lunch with the baker sisters and traveling elders.  It was good Mexican food.  Then we went to Savage to try to find some people but no one was home lame!!!  So we came back and had dinner with our usual Saturday night fam. Then we saw a less active who we will hopefully be helping paint soon which is fun.
  Sunday was mothers day so obviously I skyped home to see the family.  My dad biggest dork in the world started off with being chewbacca.  Sister Dvaz thought it was funny as well.  It was great to see them alive and doing good.  Carter for some reason likes to put his face by the cam.  dork.  Sister Dvazs family is fun too.  Her brother did the same thing as Carter it was entertaining.  Oh BTW sister Dvaz is on the worst missionary drivers list... Fun day Church was awesome though the bishopric talked  and so good.  Been a crazy week everyone.
 So in my studies this week I read D&C 100:5-8 
 Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. But a commandment I give unto you, that ye shall declare whatsoever thing ye declare in my name, in solemnity of heart, in the spirit of meekness, in all things.  And I give unto you this promise, that inasmuch as ye do this the Holy Ghost shall be shed forth in bearing record unto all things whatsoever ye shall say.
I was kinda shocked when I read this because in verse 7 we are commanded to share the gospel. This isn't just for missionaries but everyone. We need to always be an example and if we are asked share our faith not hide it.  It is so important that we do it or we are loosing blessings but more importantly other people dont get the blessings of the gospel!!!!!  Don't hog it its not just for you but the world
well I love you all have a fabulous week!!!
Sister Haley McDonald


1 mom sent crowns so pictures
2 being outside lovely weather last week
3 well we are in matching star wars shirts may the 4th be with you yes I'm late 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Well we have had a roller coaster week.  It has been a lot of fun though.
 Monday we watched Tarzan it is so weird watching movies but it was nice since it was raining.  A lot of fun :) The family we had dinner with is so funny and real.  It's fantastic.  But you do not want to know the conversation gross.
   Tuesday one of our less  actives bore her testimony to us which was so cool.  She also told us about a dream she had where we went to someones house that wouldn't let us in before and we read the Bible with this lady and we all cried.  Our LA said her dreams come true so we our determined to find this woman and share the gospel!  wohoo!  Another LA wants us to come read the Book Of Mormon with her.  We are excited and its a lot of fun reading with LA members.  We FINALLY got in with an investigator and they have lost a ton of stuff but they were in need of humbling.  They rely on themselves a lot which sucks.
    Wednesday we saw another LA and yes we see a lot that basically most of our work.  But she is having a hard time with her husband and his addiction.  It is dragging her down and we really want them to go to the temple this month.  Ugh Satan sucks in case you were unaware.  One of our investigators told us this awesome story about how she should be dead but she is alive and she knows the Lord needs her here for something.  It is awesome seeing a change in people and them coming closer to Christ!  In seminary we are playing scripture mastery games because they know none of them.  We are gonna play some fun ones this week though i'm excited.  Then we went to see a LA and we talked about how she needs to come to church but she thinks its selfish to come.... she needs to come so bad though!  She works so hard and is one of the most giving people I have meet.  She gave us a personality test and i'm Gold Orange which is odd because they are opposites but I'm just a little odd.....
     Thursday we had a car check  and we passed of course!  We saw the LA who bore her testimony and is now opposite again she does have some brain damage but its a giant roller coaster and its crazy.  We never know what we will get.  We see her a lot.  But besides that we planned for this week as usual.
      Friday we saw the LA again and she doesn't understand why we need trials.  We tried to explain that if trials don't happen you would never grow but she wont accept it.  She is having a hard time right now.  We saw another LA who her husband isn't a member but she is trying to get him more involved which is awesome!  Her little girl is adorable and will pray at random times without needing to be told.  So cute!  We did find a potential new investigator that we will hopefully be meeting this week.
    Saturday The LA who changes decided to take a tumble and now has this HUGE bruise on her head.  It looks pretty bad.  The hospital let her go home though and we were not happy.  She needed to be checked on and we hadn't found people to do that so no one should have let her leave!  This town sometimes...... We did go to a baptism after though.  It was a little girl who just turned 8 and it was a lot of fun.  Baptisms are always awesome.
   Sunday was crazy.  Our investigator on date got ENGAGED to the member and they are gonna get married next July in The Temple!!!  We are so excited for them and sister Dvaz gets to go so I'm a little jealous but so excited and she may move up her baptism date!!!  It was exciting. Then we walked around outside and it was really nice yesterday.  We didn't end well though.  We got stuck at a members home way too long and felt awful but we will do better next time.
    So I have started to study the Second coming more and man it will be awesome!  I cant wait for Jesus to lead us and hopefully be in the Righteous.  Life will still be like this but no Satan.  Satan is evil and we need him to be gone.  Life will be better don't forget that.  Wohoo I'm a little excited today!  Love you all hope life is awesome!  Happy Mothers Day to those wonderful Mothers out there!

Sister Haley McDonald

1)Me and my FROUPLE (friend couple apparently) shes a member here love her come out with us a lot
2)Me and Sister Dvaz
3)That wind look though... Thats not even that bad either thats normal everyday wind!
4)Sister Dvaz isnt she adorable? She is steve now
5)Me I felt cute haha :)