North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, September 12, 2016

Another week gone by......

Time flies when the week is weird...
  Monday we cleaned a lot for our less active who should be getting home today. but it was gross there was a horrible smell that we almost got out completely wohoo. we had dinner with the Daniels they are awesome! then we went home because sister wells wannt feeling the best.
  Tuesday we took most of p day because we got nothing at home done and there was a lot to do. then we attempted to fix our car window but the crack was to big and it may be growing but we arent gonna fix it until it gets worse since sugar beet season is here. then we saw a less active who is doing well. she wants more contact with members which is nice. then we had dinner with the angleseys and they made cheese raviolis with Alfredo oh my word it was so good!!!!!! i was in heaven and i ate a lot that night....... then we went to the ward blitz and we meet this sweet inactive member who works with special needs. she is a ton of fun! then we talked as a group when we got back.
    Wednesday we saw a part member family and they are fun.then we saw a semi less active family who is having a hard time and we just visited because that's what they needed. then we had dinner with a family who the husband served in Arizona about 30 minutes away in wickenburg! and then they lived there for a while so we talk about that a lot... then we went to the church and talked to a member about some lessons we are teaching in their home.
    Thursday we weekly planned then we saw a less active who we talked a lot about the gospel and what she needs to do with or without her husband. so exciting then we had dinner with the uresk who are moving to Utah as well.... but they are a ton of fun and so sweet. then we saw a less active and had a good lesson with them plus they got a cute new dog holy cow adorable!!
   Friday we went to a Formers house to give her some food that went bad so she could give it to her chickens and while we were there we saw another former and they were both at church yesterday..... its crazy. then we drove to ZTM. we had lunch as a zone and someone said that ill be the first sister AP and another elder said there's a reason they dont have those... well earlier they were saying he will be the next zone leader in glendive so i told him you'll never be a zone leader and the whole table went burn and i just ate my food i was hungry haha. later some one else got burned by another sister so now the sisters are all hostile but anyways they ate red hot peppers and it was entertaining they went and found milk. so we are gonna bring some to our next district meeting. It was a really good zone training though. we learned how to keep our area book nicer which is fun and we have this new initiative to try and we are very excited about it. we had an awesome day though.We had a lesson with our less actives we eat with every Friday and it was good we set some boundaries and it went really well. then we had the best lesson ever with ben. We watched Joseph smith the prophet of the restoration and he loved it and said it was like the best thing ever. so awesome.
    Saturday we went to glendive to have sister wells checked for strep no strep thankfully. we have no idea what she got but we think it is going around our zone.i also got it so this is fun. we spent most of our day fixing up our area book. it took a while but it is almost done. then we had dinner with the hincks. we had fun then we went home. 
    Sunday we had church which was good. then w talked with a member for a while and we think we helped. then we saw a less active but more of her friend who we are building a great relationship with and might be a solid potential. then we went to the Harrison's for dinner holy cow they are hoots.they talk in Portuguese and its fun listening to them bicker back and forth haha always entertaining there! then we had an awesome lesson with an investigator who said they want to reschedule because last time they missed the week was awful. how cool is that they know they need that spirit!!!!!!!! amazing love the gospel so much!

 well i hope all is well there love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 after ztm sorry we are slacking on photos we forget a lot that they exist


well another fun week here in Sidney montana! we are supposed to get our first frost this week and snow on october 7th. which means a horrible winter apparently gonna be one of the worst ones so im terrified please pray that i dont freeze this winter.
   Monday nothing too exciting just hung out at home and had dinner and then talked to a member about going to a lesson with us.
    Tuesday we tried a ton of people but no one was home. we drove to culbertson that night and had a lesson with a non member but she isnt an investigator yet. she is having a hard time and we helped her feel loved. then we drove home and had interviews with pres. i love Our mission president and wife.
     Wednesday we had an apartment check we passed it was really clean. then we had lunch with our Stls before exchanges. i went to williston with Sister Brown. holy cow we have so much fun together its great. She is so sweet. we had a lesson with an investigator who got baptized on saturday. then we had a lesson with a less active who almost took us to powder keg which apparently is the best pizza ever but i havent had it.then we had dinner with the stake patriach and i was nervous but the spirit is so awesome there and he gave a blesing while we were there. it was loads of fun and they are super sweet. then i attended there ward coordination and it was fun i kinda just sat there because i dont know anything haha.
    Thursday we exchanged back and then we weekly planned and headed out to Fairview for dinner.  then we came home and finished weekly planning.
       Friday we drove to glendive for district meeting then we helped our relief society president with some sewing projects which was fun. then we had a lesson with a less active and it was a semi boring day. then we saw another less active who is so smart and awesome we love him. after we left there. there was a 60 mile per hour wind storm coming through it was bad but we lived. 
      Saturday we helped do some clean up on a members work site haha free labor right? then we went to a baptism and this little girl was so smart holy cow it was amazing. then we saw another sister who has been serioucly thinking about going to the temple and not waiting for her husband. then we got to can! it was fun and the applesauce was delicious. then we had dinner with the hincks and harrisons who we helped can. it was loads of fun.
    Sunday was an odd day for us but good. we had lunch with members in crane and it was delicious. then we saw Fred who gives us all the food guess what he gave us more so we gave some to members but he also feed us dinner and is so awesome. we love fred.then we played games with a non member. we had a lot of fun and hopefully made a good connection to maybe teach them.

 so its been a crazy odd week and we are helping clean a very dirty home today so barely had time to email. love you all!!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 me canning loads of fun you should try it
 2 those are bugs its gross and they fly
3 selfies cause why not

Really another Monday???

Okay this is getting old people... i like my mission and time needs to stop right about now. okay no fine ill live life one day haha. another fun week here in sidney and working hard.
 oh and sister wells doesn't like writing her own weekly email so now she is taking mine so compare them if you can.
    Monday we had dinner with the Karrens and they are super missionaries i swear. its really cool. their kids just bring the church up during school seriously awesome. then we saw a less active who is doing awesome. and working really hard to get healthy.
   Tuesday  we did family history hour and i have a total of 55 names right now wohoo.Then we saw mickey with scottlynn and she does so much better when we take people with us and we played cards to brighten her day.then we got fresh vegetables from a former investigator he is like the neighborhood grandpa its great. Then we taught a 9 year old the restoration and it went pretty well.then we had ward coordination and tried a ton of people and took baby clothes to an investigator who is gonna have a baby girl soon.
   Wednesday we weekly planned i know crazy changing things up on you. then we saw a less active who is so sweet and her kids are adorable. then we went to dinner at a less actives home and the father still wont come down stairs to talk to us. then we did some paper work so much fun.
    Thursday we got picked up and drove out to bainville and Culbertson.  We walked around Culbertson for like 3 or so hours before going to Bainville where we walked 2 more hours before dinner and then we went and helped the family do chores for their animals.  I really wished I was in jeans so I could ride the pig..... I'm a country girl now.... During our walk we made an appointment with a pretty solid potential who may have had a blessing.  not sure but it was fun and we finally found some less actives so it was a successful day. 
   Friday we had to drive to glendive for district meeting. first we saw a member in the hospital who is now out.but district meetins was fun we have another set of missionaries. we got food afterwards and were hanging out before we got the rain which sucked. then we saw a less active and set up appointments for her son to get the lessons. then we had dinner which was interesting talked a lot about his veiws as usual but we cant answer him he needs to take it to the lord. then we saw the daniels who are family seriously they are awesome.
  Saturday we tried a few people in the morning and then tried some people with jessica and we got food from her dad always fun.then we had dinner with the hincks and i love their family they are so much fun apparently i look like barbie so they had a barbie doll by me all night long. it was pretty funny.then we had a lesson with a less active all about family history and we are gonna try to help them with that soon.
  Sunday was church and the relief scoiety asked what are things we can do to be prepared.apparently according to farmers almanac its gonna be a harsh winter so im terrified and hoping i dont have to drive right now. hopefully i will adjust to the weather fast. then we had lunch with a family after church it was a lot of fun. they are a cute family and their little boy will be baptized soon. then we saw a less active who we have to figure something out or we are gonna loose her. we are worried. then we had dinner at the church since its our second home. then we saw our investigator and taught the restoration. holy cow it was an awesome lesson. the spirit was so strong and she wants her husband to baptize her. so we need to wait for him to be worthy and then we can move forward with that. wohoo!! so exciting for her.

well hope you all have a fabulous week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 all the vegetables we got this week
2 eating ice cream 
3 dont leave missionaries waiting at your home for a ride we got bored so attacked the daniels home


I'm staying in Sidney Montana for another 6 weeks whohoo!  We had a fabulous week you wont even believe it.
 Monday we had dinner with the Angleseys who are moving at the end of September.... not very happy with this one company who is moving our entire ward right now..... then we had a lesson with our recent convert it got awkward at times but all good we had to rush her lessons but still didn't finish them.
 Tuesday we helped a family clean the apartment since they moved to crane so we did that for a few hours. then we saw mickey who is doing better seems happier. then we saw another less active who is so sweet but doesn't want to leave her apartment i sear. then we had a rushed dinner before seeing a larc( less active recent convert) who is doing pretty well. he has been cutting back on smoking which is super cool and he knows so much he is a hoot.then we had ward coordination and set up appointments to have new investigators.super exciting then someone gave us some good Chinese food.
  Wednesday we saw sister nelson who got out of the hospital and is doing better. then we saw a less active family and he bought us these things called monkey fists but they aren't here yet. he is trying to prepare us to take care of ourselves. they are an awesome family and we are gonna have him teach a self defense class.  then we saw Rebecca who was in the hospital but she is out now and all good then we had dinner with the Taylor and Lefors they invited us randomly and it was good food sister Taylor is awesome cook. then we had a lesson with our recent convert at our ward mission leaders home. it went pretty well if i do say so.
   Thursday we helped clean the Lefors home because they moved Friday. then we weekly planned  and drove to bainville for dinner it was delicious.then we drove home to go to the swap n' share. first rule dont go to the swap n share as a sister missionary.... i may have gotten like 2 dresses and some shirts and skirts.. no clue how my bags will ever shut but hey there's shipping right?? but hey me and sister wells agree i look cute in them haha. then we saw Rebecca to get news about her getting out of the hospital she got out Friday.
  Friday we went back to the swap n share so the community could get stuff.then we drove to Glendive for district meeting.everyone thought i was leaving but i get to stay wohoo.  then we got snow cones and then we went to see another sister. she gave us more clothes i got another dress and a skirt and back backs that are super cute and a scarf thing. people spoil us here holy cow. i could have come out with like 2 outfits. haha.  Then we saw a less active who opened up about why they aren't temple worthy it was so good. we had a lesson on faith and why we do certain things. then we had dinner and it was good.
  Saturday though we got to go to Bismarck it was a long trip since we were waited for transfer calls and we ran into the aps and they were like well accidents happen haha they are cool elders. we did baptisms i found 9 names to take through hopes chest and gave 4 to sister wells so she could be baptized. missionaries have to take names now to do them so ya but i also got 10 other names to do so i got baptized 15 times. However the less active we went with was so happy to do them she was crying the entire time and she cried when she saw the temple. it was so amazing to see that she is awesome and i love her. she might be doing her endowments in s month! then president is so awesome we got to do a session and everyone is so nice there. a brother asked if we would come back more often. The Bismarck temple is the can do temple its awesome!!!!!!!! then we drove home sad times i wish i could stay forever. It was amazing though and in the temple i knew i needed to stay in Sidney and that some exciting stuff is going to happen this transfer.
  Sunday  we had ward council and this ward is amazing! the whole meeting was missionary work. and we set up an appointment with the bishop for an investigator.after church sister wells wasn't feeling good so she slept and i did random things and learned about the gospel. then we saw a less active who may be getting married and he sounds awesome we are gonna meet him in September. then we had dinner with the Harpers and a couple who just got married and now she a=is an investigator. then we tried a potential and set up an appointment for today but we had a lesson with him as well. 2 new investigators miracles happening in Sidney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited.
hope All Y'all have a fabulous week love you!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 at the temple with the less active it was her first time
2 one of my new outfits
3 sister wells fell asleep so selfie
4 my favorite outfit :)