North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 24, 2017

1 Transfer left!

 how is it my last transfer only 6 more weeks? today was transfer calls and me and sister weeks are staying. we didn't receive a call but heard we will be in a trio with Sister Bennett. so we will find out for sure on Thursday.
   Monday we saw the Burke's and he committed himself to be baptized on the 5th so that was awesome. he wants to be baptized with his daughter on that day.
   Tuesday we stopped teaching an older lady she wasn't super interested but was really nice. we had dinner with some members and their friends showed up so we got ice cream with them and that was fun.
   Wednesday we went up to Crosby. it's a cute little town but our investigator lives up there and she is so ready for the gospel she already knows what she is going to wear when it happens. it was pretty great. then we saw a less active sister in the ward.she is pretty prepared to come back to church so that's pretty sweet.
   Thursday we taught a family and weekly planned so that was fun. nothing too crazy happened.
   Friday we had district meeting. it was good. that we saw the Burkes and taught them about the word of wisdom. it was good they accepted it and want to work on it so that's sweet. 
  Saturday we helped the Clarks move out. it was good we got a ton of food so that was sweet. we taught the Burkes again ad then went to a baptism it was sweet. after wards we put our other investigator on date she is so ready and we can't wait.
   Sunday good not too much happened but there were some great lessons.
1 p day selfies
2 I drew on the mirror
3 best district
4 Sunday selfies

Sister Haley McDonald

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