North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another week gone by

well im just slacking on my group emails oh well
 we got transfer calls this week and we are both staying so we are excited about that. we poured cement on Tuesday that was fun and now i could do it if i wanted to but its hard stuff holy cow. we also had an awesome lesson with Jennifer and we are introducing more people to her which is really good.
   Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with a less active sister who is amazing and has such a strong testimony its great.we tried a ton of people that day and got cussed out by someone because he doesn't want anything to do with the church life of a missionary some days...
   Thursday we weekly planned a long time and everyone cancelled because it snowed that day and guess what i drove in it and everyone is still alive so that's a success.also i hit 9 months that day wohoo!
   Friday we had district meeting and it was really good holy cow. then we tried this less active.. now this was interesting she was reading us and apparently we are seers and i have felt the devil and seen him... we weren't sure what to do or say like the entire time..... then we saw some people before dinner and it was good.we also went to lunch to celebrate my 9 month and sister wrights 1 year mark it was yummy.
  Saturday was busy we had a meeting and then had lunch with the sisters then we saw brother Hilton who is a hoot never know what he is gonna say next. then we watched a movie with this less active guess what she fell asleep second time on my mission... then we had dinner with a part member family and it was good but awkward they kinda just left us there soo it was interesting... then we had a lesson with Jennifer about tithing it was really good and she is doing great.
  Sunday we drove to Philip with the elders. me and sister wright gave talks they were good. so in Philip they have a group which is about 15 members who meet in someones home like when they church first started. probably the best church meeting i have been to it was so personal and amazing! then we drove home and i had a break down because i was tired and frustrated so my companion let me sleep for a little and then i was golden haha. so we went to a missionary thanksgiving party put on by our ward it was so good.
crazy life as a missionary you never know what you will do. well i hope everyone is having a great week i love you all!!!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 road trip to philip with the elders in our ward
2 philip sign 
3 art in rapid
4 9 months old!!!!!!
5 snow!🐧

im so old!!!!

well im old in the mssion time anyways. this week on Thursday i hit 9 months which means im over the hill ill be half way done what is this crazy stuff!
so this week was crazy and i love it!
we had a lot of good lessons this week but im just gonna skip to the best thing ever!!!

we had a baptism!!!!!!! Megan got baptized and it was amazing oh my word she was so nervous but after she said she felt so good and just wished she could do it all over..... it was so awesome to hear and she got confirmed yesterday oh my word and this morning she asked to meet with us!!!!!!!!! ahhhh okay im crazy but it was so good. a previous missionary came back to baptize her and it was great he bore his tesimony and it was wonderful. then the 1st counselor in the bishopric bore his testimony and it was great the spirirt was so strong and she could feel it!!!!!! it was just fabulous.
well thats my life this week
i love you all have an awesome week!

Sister Haley McDonald

1 this gorgeous hike from Monday
2 Megans baptism
3 my awesome district
4 selfies
 i have my own street in Nebraska!!! and its spelled correctly

what a fabulous crazy week

so monday was halloween so we couldnt go out so we played sports all day long and then watched toy story 3 and it was so much fun!
tuesday we drove to bismarck and we had dinner with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders with president and sister hess. then we went to the temple and it was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wednesday we had a meeting about things going on in the mission and how to help the missionaries it was a lot of fun. then we drove home.
Thursday we meet with the zone leaders to discuss what we need to go over for our training so we spent a lot of time on that.
friday we had our training and then i went to belle fourche with sister dillion and that night....this dude asked us out and told us we were hot it was so hard not to burst out in laughter.
saturday we exchanged back and nothing too crazy happened that night.
sunday was awesome our investigator got her interview done and is getting baptized on thursday and we are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing
hope you all have a fabulous week i love you!!!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald
sister dvaz and i
exchanges with belle
our hike with the zone leaders
at the temple with the zls