North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, October 10, 2016

7 months down!

Well it has now been 7 months since i have been out and this time next year ill be home. how crazy is that???
 Anyways on Monday we hung out and slept like most missionaries do then we had dinner with a less active family and we are gaining a good relationship with them it is so much fun. then we tracted a little bit before seeing mickey who is so happy since she is home with her cat. shes once again enjoying life.
  Tuesday we did a bunch of random little things but we got signed up to serve at the good scents thrift store which is loads of fun. then we saw a less active who is so sweet and she is just soaking in the gospel once again wohoo!!!! then we had dinner with the anglesey's and it was delicious. gotta love food.then we had ward coordination...... our ward mission leader has been called elsewhere and we don't have one right now so it will be interesting especially with transfers coming up soon..... but we were taken to a lesson we didn't know about and picked up a former investigator. we are gonna do the lessons slowly to help her understand and not freak out again haha.
   Wednesday we had lunch with the bennions it was delicious as usual and it wasn't as intimidating as i remember so we had fun. then we went to the church and our key got stuck in the door we couldn't get it out for like 10 minutes until a member came and saved us so we could go about our day. then we walked around town and sister wells fell it was pretty funny she was laughing as well. then we saw a less active who is going to the temple this weekend and we get to go wohooo!!!!!!!!!! so excited for her! then we had dinner with the daniel's it was delicious they are so much fun! then we took Jessica with us to see Fred. he also made us dinner.... so we were a little full that day
   Thursday we got to work at good scents. we organized the clothes it could have been very bad if we had money on us. but we didn't so its all good then we got to weekly plan. Then we saw an investigator. he is only 9 but really sweet and loads of fun and we talked a lot to his parents.Then we had dinner with a less active family and they loved the message we had its pretty fun! then we helped our less active going to the temple get prepared and calm her nerves so excited for her!
   Friday we went to the doctor again and this time they gave sister wells something for her being sick.before that we had district meeting and it was a lot of fun. then we had dinner with a family and it was very different normal he kinda preaches but this time he didnt... very peculiar. then we saw another less active who is doing pretty well and loves watches the church videos now. its a lot of fun!
   Saturday we had to plan our lesson for Sunday and then we saw a less active who kinda kicked us out but she is getting married in November now so that will be fun for her. then we did our 1 hour of tracting which was fun. then we saw mickey and then we had dinner on our own. we also tried a ton of potentials and then meet with the elders quorum president. it was a fun day!
  Sunday we had ward council which was fun. we have the best ward ever!!! then we had church and we sat with a less active family and i colored with one of her sons. it was a lot of fun we enjoyed it. then we taught 2nd hour which we had a lot of discussion which is always awesome. After church we tried someone who didn't answer so we had lunch and then went to fairview. We tried a ton of old potentials who didn't have much information on them and we tracted some as well which was fun.  Then we had dinner with the Longs, holy cow they are fun and they can talk up a storm but we got some really good information from them. 

Sister Haley McDonald
 1 the moon last night we though their was a fire but just the cool moon
2 selfies why not
 3 accidental matching day haha
 4 the Sidney sign

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