North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, October 31, 2016

8 Months old today

so im almost over the hill as of next month and its crazy! ill probably say something like this the rest of my mission just so you know haha!
 Monday Sister reis decided to cupcake my face so that was entertaining! we had dinner with the johnsons and holy cow they are the best! they do a ton of missionary work and its the best thing ever. then we did some paper work for the rest of the day.
   Tuesday we did nails for the nursing home and they are so funny. one of the residents likes to pick on sister reis for being so happy! then we tracted and tried some other people before doing a family history class but sadly no one showed up so we went through our ward list. 
   Wednesday we put together a survey for our family history class to figure out how to get people there! then we tracted and tried some formers. then we had dinner and tracted some more before our lesson with a recent convert. he is having a hard time but it went really well actually.
  Thursday was weekly planning but that evening we went to a familys home and sat around the fire and it was great! love being outside and the fire :)
  Friday we got up early because we had to drive to pierre for zone training. it was a long drive and we were tired by the end.itwas a good training. then we had lunch at taco bell what is that place??? haha little towns are great. i love them so much and i really mean it everyone is so nice its great!!!!!!!!!! we drove home and had a lesson with a family and it was so interesting... they live streamed us! they are sharing the gospel by sharing with all there friends what we teach! we gave permission by the way but it was so cool.
   Satuday we drove to spring view another town an hour away. we meet with this family but it was an odd lesson they werent paying a whole lot of attention.. then we had dinner with the amazing stokers and then we taught brother yoda. we taught he plan of salvation and it went pretty well and he isnt arguing anymore wahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Sunday we had church and then branch council and president allen from he district was there and he had thees awesome things to say and gave us some great ideas so we are super excited about that! we got a dinner appointment with a nonmember because sister johnson is amazing and asked her friends and some said yes!. 
 It has been a fun crazy week oh in December i get to go to rapid for zone conference super excited maybe ill see mount Rushmore! love you all hope you have a great week!

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