North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, October 10, 2016

Transfers happened!

Monday we had dinner with the batty s who are loads of fun then we did some tracting and trying a bunch of referrals we got. not to crazy of a day
   Tuesday we did some extra planning for our investigators. then we saw a less active family and had the best lesson ever. the husband opened up about some things he has been struggling with and it was awesome extremely spiritually lead. then we saw pat and it was her birthday so she made food and we made her day she is so sweet. then we had ward coordination then we saw an investigator and had a good lesson with her. we are taking things slow with her.then we tried to see someone who dropped off the face of the earth and she is still here but wont answer and has her boyfriend pretend she is gone but we saw her with our eyes so it was frustrating.
   Wednesday we did some tracting and weekly planning. then we saw a less active who has been coming to church lately. then we drove to fairview and saw Tanni she is having a hard time and things aren't working out right now but the ward is trying to help her a lot right now.then we had dinner with Tammy it was a lot of fun. then we helped a less active move stuff around it was heavy. then we talked to our investigator for like an hour or so it was really good and they are super sweet.
  Thursday we volunteered at good scents and it was a lot of fun. then we weekly planned which is hard when transfer calls are on Saturday. then we had an awesome lesson with Tammy son and her husband it was really good. then we had dinner with them and then saw the Daniel's and talked about some people they are close too.
   Friday we tried some potentials and went tracting. then we went to district meeting which was fun it was someones birthday so we got food haha. then we tried some people in savage before going tracting in Sidney and then we had dinner with the nelsons and they had a hard week hopefully we gave some comfort. then we saw Ben who is doing pretty good. 
   Saturday was crazy we got transfer calls and i'm going to Valentine Nebraska and ill be in another trio. i'm gonna have a long trip on Thursday. then we had general conference and i know i'm supposed to go to valentine and i'm excited now.then the Daniel's took us out to lunch at rod iron really good food. then we watched more general conference wohoo. then we helped out in a baptism and it was fun the bishop asked us to bear our testimony so i cried but it was really good. then we had dinner with the Hinck's and they are so sweet. 
  Sunday we dropped some baby stuff off for someone. then we watched general conference. then we had lunch with the other nelsons. it was really good and a ton of fun. then we watched the last session of general conference. it was sad that it was over. then we meet with a member to talk about an investigator and we have a new plan which is awesome.then we had dinner with a part member family and it was fun. im gonna miss this area. then we had dinner with our investigator yes we had two dinners. we had so much fun with them they are a little younger than us but its so much fun!!!!!!!! we have a blast together.
  crazy life going on and getting ready to transfer crazy life.hope you all have a great week love you all!
Sister Haley McDonald
1 The best district
2 pretty view
3 selfies why not

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