North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm not in Nebraska anymore....

so you are probably confused on why im not in nebraska anymore. I got a call wednesday night at 9 from president and sister hess asking if i would be willing to pack my bags and head to rapid city south dakota to be an STL or sister training leader with sister wright. her previous companion hurt herself and had to go home. so wednesday i had to pack my bags super fast and then thursday we headed to murdo so i could come with sister wright to rapid city.
if anyone would like to write my new address is

4136 Bernice St. #103
Rapid City, South Dakota 57703

 Monday we had peanut butter pie!!!!!!!!! its so good if anyone can find a recipe please send it to me! it was an uneventful day.
 Tuesday we had exchanges so we went to mudro to exchange sister baadsgaaurd cam with us and we had fun. we came up with a ton of ideas of things to do and it was great.
 Wednesday we had lunch with a member and had peanut butter bacon burgers and it was soo good. then we tried a former who is really nice and we talked for a whue but then had to leave for murdo. we exhanged back and got home. we had dinner with the shutts who are funny her son kept making random comments that didnt help our lesson but were funny. then we had a lesson with george and we watched the restoration it went well and the member who came helped a lot thankfully.then presdient call and i packed in like and hour or so.
  Thirsday i finished packing and then we went to cody to teach an investigator it went well. then we went to murdo so i could meet sister wright. we got here i unpacked for a while then we went to dinner and i went on base. there is an air force base that we cover so we get to go on base every now and then.then we meet with some less actives and had a good lesson.
 Friday we went to olive garden with a member for lunch and it was yummy then we had distrcit meeting. it was good and then we got to weekly plan all day. we had dinner with a fun family and then drove to the taylors.
  Saturday we helped this man pack up his house and he gave us lunch and some random things to take home.then we meet with an older lady and read the scriptures with her.then we meet with another less active who has a hard time leaving her house but it went really well.the rest of the evening was spent trying people and knocking a lot of doors.
  Sunday we had ward council and then church. it was the primary program so it was super cute! after church we meet this lady on our ward list who is very unique and super cool.then we had a lesson with another less active who doesnt want to live the word of wisdom.then we had dinner with a fun family and then went home to plan. its been a crazy week everyone.
hope life is going well with you! love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 heres me packing super fast
2 by the Valentine sign
 3 heading to south dakota

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