North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, September 12, 2016

Another week gone by......

Time flies when the week is weird...
  Monday we cleaned a lot for our less active who should be getting home today. but it was gross there was a horrible smell that we almost got out completely wohoo. we had dinner with the Daniels they are awesome! then we went home because sister wells wannt feeling the best.
  Tuesday we took most of p day because we got nothing at home done and there was a lot to do. then we attempted to fix our car window but the crack was to big and it may be growing but we arent gonna fix it until it gets worse since sugar beet season is here. then we saw a less active who is doing well. she wants more contact with members which is nice. then we had dinner with the angleseys and they made cheese raviolis with Alfredo oh my word it was so good!!!!!! i was in heaven and i ate a lot that night....... then we went to the ward blitz and we meet this sweet inactive member who works with special needs. she is a ton of fun! then we talked as a group when we got back.
    Wednesday we saw a part member family and they are fun.then we saw a semi less active family who is having a hard time and we just visited because that's what they needed. then we had dinner with a family who the husband served in Arizona about 30 minutes away in wickenburg! and then they lived there for a while so we talk about that a lot... then we went to the church and talked to a member about some lessons we are teaching in their home.
    Thursday we weekly planned then we saw a less active who we talked a lot about the gospel and what she needs to do with or without her husband. so exciting then we had dinner with the uresk who are moving to Utah as well.... but they are a ton of fun and so sweet. then we saw a less active and had a good lesson with them plus they got a cute new dog holy cow adorable!!
   Friday we went to a Formers house to give her some food that went bad so she could give it to her chickens and while we were there we saw another former and they were both at church yesterday..... its crazy. then we drove to ZTM. we had lunch as a zone and someone said that ill be the first sister AP and another elder said there's a reason they dont have those... well earlier they were saying he will be the next zone leader in glendive so i told him you'll never be a zone leader and the whole table went burn and i just ate my food i was hungry haha. later some one else got burned by another sister so now the sisters are all hostile but anyways they ate red hot peppers and it was entertaining they went and found milk. so we are gonna bring some to our next district meeting. It was a really good zone training though. we learned how to keep our area book nicer which is fun and we have this new initiative to try and we are very excited about it. we had an awesome day though.We had a lesson with our less actives we eat with every Friday and it was good we set some boundaries and it went really well. then we had the best lesson ever with ben. We watched Joseph smith the prophet of the restoration and he loved it and said it was like the best thing ever. so awesome.
    Saturday we went to glendive to have sister wells checked for strep no strep thankfully. we have no idea what she got but we think it is going around our zone.i also got it so this is fun. we spent most of our day fixing up our area book. it took a while but it is almost done. then we had dinner with the hincks. we had fun then we went home. 
    Sunday we had church which was good. then w talked with a member for a while and we think we helped. then we saw a less active but more of her friend who we are building a great relationship with and might be a solid potential. then we went to the Harrison's for dinner holy cow they are hoots.they talk in Portuguese and its fun listening to them bicker back and forth haha always entertaining there! then we had an awesome lesson with an investigator who said they want to reschedule because last time they missed the week was awful. how cool is that they know they need that spirit!!!!!!!! amazing love the gospel so much!

 well i hope all is well there love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 after ztm sorry we are slacking on photos we forget a lot that they exist

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