North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, October 10, 2016

One odd week

well we hav had one crazy week and it was a roller coaster.
  Monday we stayed in because sister wells still wasn't feeling good so she FINALLY RESTED. 
 Tuesday we stayed in most of the morning so she could rest more but she is feeling a lot better and she hasn't needed to rest since.Then we tracted until we had an appointment and she is sweet and has signed up to feed us next month. Then we had dinner with the lunstads and talked about the temple since she was preparing to go through.then we had a lesson with and investigator and it was really good she is now staying out of deep doctrine which is really good.
  Wednesday we did some weekly planning and then saw mickey who is still in a good mood. we tried a few people and saw tammy...we were hungry...but she was so tickled that we came then we saw a less active who is soo sweet and an awesome cook we had loads of fun with her and her kids who are attached to us some days but they are cute and we bring stuff for them to do. then we tracted and handed out 2 book of mormons in 15 minutes... plus we contacted a referral in the time which was awesome. we had lots of fun then we had dinner with the harpers and it was so good and we had a lot of fun talking about the area and whats going on. then we saw a less active who is doing good but not really keeping commitments right now.
  Thursday we went to good scents and we were told we could charge things and that is dangerous but i didnt buy anything thankfully. then we weekly planned until we saw a less active who wasnt in a good mood at all and it felt a little awkward but oh well.then we had dinner with the nelsons and he is leaving for  5 weeks so we wont see him for a while. Then we saw another less active who loves watching the church videos we show. he loves teaching us as well and he is trying to do better which is really good.
  Friday we drove to Crane to see sister hinck who gave us snacks for our trip down. she gave us this sour cotton candy it burns holy cow but its really good too. then we saw sister mecklenburg who spoiled us and gave us more clothes..... my bags are gonna explode one of these days i swear! then we drove to Glendive for district meeting.we ended up staying in Glendive to go to Bismarck we left like 3 hours late though and made it to Bismack close to 10 North Dakota time 9 Montana time. it was a fun trip though.
  Saturday we had studies and extra studies before the temple.Tammy lunstad went through and it was amazing so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad i could go with a ton of the ward and she is glowing!!!!!!!!! we all cried a lot. after the temple we went to hu hot Mongolian grill so good and they have some good crab things as well.then we had a long drive home and got some heavy storms so had to drive slow but if anyone knows me i slept but only on the way home i swear. we got a home a little late.
  Sunday we church and it was a lot of fun. after church we watched the general women's session since we missed it on Saturday. then we knocked on doors until dinner. dinner was a lot of fun the family has an autistic boy who is getting baptized in November and he is so sweet.  After dinner we had a lesson with an investigator and she is so golden just need the husband to meet with the bishop.  then we saw mickey who left for billings today. she is going to a nursing home until she can live on her own again which hopefully will be soon. she has improved on walking a lot since being in the hospital.

 well hope you have a fabulous week and don't forget questions for general conference love you!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 Mickeys last day
2 food sister hinck gave us so good
3 pretty fall trees
4 tammy at temple

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