North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Transfer Week

 well it was transfer week so i'm staying in Sidney! people stay in Glendive zone a long time so this may be my last transfer but Sister Dvaz is leaving and Sister Wells is staying with me. I'm excited to stay with her we have a ton of fun together that's for sure!
   Tuesday because i already emailed monday. Was pday and after we saw a less active who made us bomb mexican food holy cow best mexican food ever!!!!!!!!!!!! we had a good lesson about temples we are hoping to get them to the temple this week and they found the sons records so its possible now wohoo!!!
   Wednesday I went on exchanges to williston we had a lot of service. we pulled weeds for about 2 hours and then had some fun appointments but no lessons that day.
   Thursday we exchanged back and had to weekly plan. It went pretty well got it done faster but we got interuppted. Everything cancelled again basically thats all that has happened this week. It stinks but we have been trying people a lot
     Friday we had to drive to miles city so we drove to glendive got in the car with elders and drove to miler city... it was a long trip thats for sure. We got snow cones after we got back to glendive. Leaving there i looked at the tire pressure.... it was at 17 psi it wasnt that low that morning. somehow we got a hole. so we pulled over and started to change the tire.a lady pulled over to help us and she changed it for us because we werent dressed for it haha. She called some friends to help as well but we did get it off. So we were super late to our ward BBQ. It took 2 hours instead of 1 because we had to go slow. It wasnt fun at all but we made it.
   Saturday was transfer calls so we got nothing done study wise. We tried to change our tire back we got it fixed the night before but someone from our building came and changed it. We never have to do stuff like that haha because people are so nice her. Its awesome.
  Sunday we got to talk every hour. We taught gospel principles and young womens and i said prayer during sacrament. Guys im so grown up i can say prayer during sacrament haha! where did the time go? then we spent the day seeing people for sister Dvaz we had a lesson with the newly wed couple it was a ton of fun! we talked about all sorts of stuff they have a ton of questions.
Its been odd i hate transfer week because i dont feel like a missionary at all but its all good hope you have a fabulous week love you!!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 our snow cones
2 changing tire s Dvaz first time so we took photos
3 a questionable hot dog we still ate its pink didnt taste good btw

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