North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 months out

 well can anyone else believe i have been out for 5 months?? i sure cant but it has been and holy cow my english is bad super bad. I hardly finish sentences when writing anymore ill never pass english classes haha.
   This week was definately different everyone wanted to say good by to sister dvaz so we ran around town most days saying good  bye to people. and we got  A LOT OF FOOD!!!!!! if you ever want to gain wait have transfers holy cow i believe i gained like 10 pounds this week.
  Monday everyone was feeding us but we learned how to make pens wood pens im finishing mine today so there will be photos next week.
  Tuesday more food but its all so good. we went to a relief society shoot out that was fun we had food and had to leave but there were some nice guns there it was probably good we left because i like shooting and its hard to not shoot sometimes haha
  Wednesday we saw a ton of people in short time periods and the ward knew our schedule thats what happens in small towns haha.
 Thursday we had to wake up early to drive Sister Dvaz to glendiveit was sad to say good bye to my missionary mom or trainer but she is doing good in fargo as an stl. she'll do awesome things there. but we drove a lot that day it was the first time we drove all the way out to bainville and culbertson.we went to a memorial there for a little boy who passed away a month was sad but we were glad we got to go. Then we had dinner with a fun family before heading to culbertson to try to find people. We somewhat got our barrings of the place but its still a little confusing thats for sure then we drove back into Sidney and got 3 referrals from members due to our ward blitz night with the ward council. it was awesome.
  Friday we drove back to glendive for district meetin we had a really good training but our district has really shrunk. then we spent the day weekly planning. before a really good lesson actually. We were worried about but he actually agreed for once that the church is perfect but people arent!!!! we are moving forward its amazing!!!! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i love them and can really see them in the temple one day holy cow its awesome.
   Saturday was awesome as well we went to the temple. We had to get up super early but i got like an extra 4 hours of sleep in the car which was nice haha. sister wells planned her talked then all about lehis dream and missionary work haha she did take naps as well.... we watched people do baptisms for the dead it was a quick trip but it was awesome to see them perform those ordinances. then we saw the inside of a mall and went into bath and body works my addiction haha i got some stress relieving lotion though which really helps. If you come on a mission figure out stress relivers you can do with short time or it will kill you. then we had lunch with people and it was yummy we went to texas roadhouse the bread there though so good. then we drove home and got stopped at the post office by this guy who said god has talked to him and told him to  build temples it felt very odd and i wanted to go do something so we got out of there as soon as we could then we had to go pack and move.
   Sunday we had church which was pretty good. we saw a former investigator who came to church we were kinda shocked.then we visited some people before taking some stuff to our other place and then dinner there. It was soo good a lot of fresch raspberries yummy. then we had a lesson with our recent convert and her fiance. we watched the restoration and it is always a good one to watch.
   I love the temple and im so glad that i still can go even though its 4 hours away but most of you live really close so please go often it is a commandment by the way.The prophets and apostles keep saying it for a reason so go at least once a month. 
Love you all have a great week.
Sister Haley McDonald
1 temple trip
2 heard of the pokemon game this is what some churches put out to get people to come
sorry for shortage of photos this week

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