North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fair week!!! which means rodeo!!!

Well this week was a ton of fun.
    Monday we had dinner with a family that's like my family. there are hoots and are moving but thankfully just to crane so they get to stay in our ward wohoo. then we had a lesson with Caitlin and she really has this stuff down its awesome to see.
     Tuesday we went and saw a less active and she kicked us out of her hospital room. She kicked us out that's a first for me... she needs help to be happy.Then we went and did service and she gave us money that we had to accept but she is so sweet.i love her then we saw an elderly less active who gave us food which was delicious.then we walked over to help a member prepare some dish for a BBQ that evening. we had a blast as a was some good food besides sister wells burning some hot dogs haha.
     Wednesday we saw a recent convert and finished his lessons but we are trying to get them to come to church more often and they were there yesterday which was awesome.then we had an awesome lesson with a less active we did an activity where her sons were entertained and could participate so that was really good. Sister wells kept them entertained and i talked to the sister so it was really good. then we had dinner but had to leave pretty fast. so we tried some people because our appointments keep falling through and have no investigators right now.
  Thursday we planned and then headed to bainville which is an hour drive. We tried to see people on our way there but couldn't find anyone so headed to dinner.Which was funny. The kids told the siblings to hit their hand on their shoulder and try to bite the opposite ear. go ahead you know you want to do it. do you feel dumb? because that's the point haha. we tried more people afterwards but then had to drive back into town where we cant see anyone because the fair takes over Sidney. Its the biggest fair in all of eastern Montana and it has an awesome rodeo.
   Friday we drove to fair view for a lesson and she cancelled on us once we got there and we had a member with us so that was annoying but we tried a few people and then got back to Sidney and drove to glendive for district meeting.It is a ton of fun. the elders are great.after wards we got snow cones. they are delicious and then we all had to drive to lessons. a member gave us adorable watches they are so cute and fancy i love them. I love this sister she is so sweet and strong. Then we got into Sidney and went to the fair.we walked around and ran into a ton of members not even from Sidney their were a ton from Idaho and stuff so it was nice to chat with them. Then we went to the rodeo.That was so much fun it was a pro one and most of these people are going to the finals in LV which is super cool. i also got to see bull riders so cool. it was very exciting.
   Saturday we walked a lot about 6 miles at least. we met with a sister who wants to bring her family but is lazy on Sundays haha. then we walked to a less active and she is exhausted we felt bad we came back to the church and helped our relief society president clean and then print stuff for her lesson. Then we planned more because we couldn't see anyone they were all at the fair and we have no one to teach so we prayed a lot and planned again. then we had dinner and then went and finished sister wells pen. its cool as well.we ended the day pretty well.
  Sunday i woke up not feeling well. still went to church but my skin was really warm and i was freezing so i got a fever so we went home and sister wells made me sleep. So i slept for like 4 hours and then we had a lesson because i was feeling a lot better thankfully.We had an awesome lesson that evening though and then we slept some more it was needed.
hope all is well love you all.

Sister Haley McDonald
1 me by a hay bail
2 we got rodeo tickets wohoo
3 walking in bainville because why not
4 at rodeo

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