North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another week gone by

Monday we finished moving finally that's all done then we finished making pens and mine is so cool ill send a photo. I like making pens it is a blast.
    Tuesday We helped the members we live with set up for the garage sale they had this weekend. Then we did some family history ad its a lot of fun i wish i had more time to do it out here but im still saving souls haha. then we saw mickey who is not wanting to see us at all right now and then we saw pat who also didn't want to have company. No one wants us around apparently oh well. then we had dinner at the angleseys they are awesome haha then we had ward coordination and planned for the movie night.
     Wednesday basically everything cancelled so we tried potentials and then had dinner with our recent convert and fiance. they are a hoot. they gave us steaks yummy. we had her teach us the Plan of Salvation and she knows it so well. then we went and feed horses. We gave them hay and they are so cute i didn't get a photo but i want some. The mission has really taught me how i want a ranch haha its a problem right now.
    Thursday we planned and then saw a sister who is having a hard time and needs some help so we planned on going to help her. then we had dinner with the stake president who lives in North Dakota which is still in our area. we leave Montana more than i ever would have thought. We saw our less active and he is really progressing right now and we got a lot of chocolate which is yummy.
   Friday we drove to gelndive for district meeting. We then drove to savge to have a lesson and i fell bad for her it seems like she is having a rough time right now.then we had dinner before going to the movie night which was a bust because we got tornado looking weather so no one is gonn leave their house.... Mehhhhhh it stunk
     Saturday We had to move the stuff out of the other apartment because the elders from Bismarck came up to empty it. then we helped the sister with her storage unit and there is a lot to do there. then we drove to have dinner with the relief society president and it was super good she also told us where an investigator lives so now we can go knock the door whenever.
   Sunday we had church and a lot of people we are working with came which was awesome. we had lunch at a members home with some returning members. Then we saw mickey and a member brought her dog over and she was so happy to see her.then we had dinner and got some awesome missionary ideas since they both served. then we saw another less active who is doing okay and her friend seems to be super interested now.

   So in our new place the members so sweet put up a quote that says " God doesn't give us what we can handle God helps us handle what we are given"
  so even though life is hard some days most days ill be real haha God helps us accomplish what needs to be done as long as we have that faith and will do it.
 Hope all is well Have a Fabulous week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 my fancy new cedar pen
2 a giant cookie
3 pen process
4 i thought i left arizona it was hot and humid also got up to 106 that day bleh

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