North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another fun week in Sidney

 Monday we just hung out at the apartment until we had dinner with a less active it was a lot of fun we are definitely building a better relationship with her. then we ran into an investigator who let us in and we shared a message with her. It was definitely fun. then we saw our one la in the hospital she is so miserable i feel super bad about it.
      Tuesday  was hard basically everything cancelled on us. so we planned to figure out what we need to do.. we went and put flyers up around town and ran into a former investigator who gave us a ton of food and then had dinner with a member and she is going to Idaho for school this week.Then we had ward coordination which is always fun. This ward is awesome we are always laughing about something.Then we had exchanges.Sister Brown came here with me and we had a blast together.We saw one of our investigators she is having a hard time but we had a fabulous lesson on prayer. we asked her to pray and read her scriptures every day.
       Wednesday we tried some people who weren't happy to see us that's for sure.Then we made flyers for the movie night we had.Then we saw a less active who wouldn't let us talk about the gospel so we aren't sure what to do there.Then we saw another sister who is amazing and we shared the you never know video and she was touched after her hard morning. I love her to pieces that's for sure. Then we did some service by going through a storage unit and helping her get rid of a ton of stuff.But i got a cool blanket out of it which was fun. Then we tried a bunch of people and talked about the area a lot and then we switched back. It was a ton of fun serving with Sister Brown. Then me and sister wells went to dinner at 7 so we are starving by then haha.
    Thursday we weekly planned and had lunch with the members we live with it was so good just a salad with chicken and fruit delicious. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert who seems to be doing good. We only have 1 more lesson with him. then we finished weekly planning and then had the funniest dinner of my life.We were there for about 2 minutes and the boys start wrestling this is a very small home and their mom is finishing dinner. So that happens and then the whole night they talk about their hospital trips... Once a kid got stuck on a fence and slammed his face into it and there was snow outside so the mom had to get a photo. there were so many stories like that it was great i haven't laughed that hard in forever. Then We had a lesson with a member we are trying to teach them more to build up relationships.It went really well.
      Friday we drove to Glendive for district meeting.We had a fabulous training by our district leader. Then we went to get snow cones and the elders i miles city were there. we had a few laughs especially since i split my entire snow cone..... all over the table. It was funny especially since sister wells was just giving them crap about making a mess and then i made a disaster haha and then i fell up the stairs to the apartment the same day. But we went and picked raspberries and slightly got eaten alive.Then we had dinner with an awesome family. Then we went and set up the movie night. It was a ton of fun 9 nonmembers were there and a ton of members. It was a blast and clear skies that day.
     Saturday we helped with the storage unit again she has a ton of stuff and she is so thankfully she took us out for lunch and wants to take us out again but we aren't gonna allow it haha. Then we cleaned up because i may have been rolling around in dirt. then we saw a less active and her friend. we helped them out too just doing service all the time here but it is so much fun that's for sure.Then we went to a lesson with a member a less active lesson but it went so well. he is really improving. Then we went home for the night.
    Sunday was awesome. Church was ward conference all about serving and sharing the gospel. we talked about how now is the harvest no more planting seeds. So the stake president asked us to come up and showed the ward how we react when we get referrals the difference between the member introducing us and when we just get a name. it was awesome. Our stake president is so good. I have realized how much i love this ward and im going to miss it especially since it feels like home.Then we had lunch and saw our LA in the hospital we had a great conversation and she let us talk about the gospel it was awesome. she may be happier now. then we had dinner which was a ton of fun.Then we had a long meeting with our ward mission leader and he has some great ideas and really wants to work us and always giving us ideas which is awesome.Then we had a call from our district leader to get our key indicator numbers. it was fun they wrote us a song i recorded it. it was awesome 

 So it is time for the Harvest talk to people about the gospel TODAY. we dont know whats gonna happen tomorrow and we need to share the gospel with everyone. 
Love you all have a fabulous week

Sister Haley McDonald
1 a dead rabbit we found
2 i have been lazy with contacts
3 the storage unit that thing was packed full and theres a lot of trash 
4 we needed face masks

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