North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, August 15, 2016

Crazy busy week apparently

Well apparently time flies faster as you get close to 6 months. its going to fast before i know they are gonna kick me out of Sidney:( and i love it here haha.
  Monday we had a lesson with Caitlin Andrew and the Campbell's. we had ribs they were good well that was dinner as well but then we taught the 10 commandments. they really liked dont rock out on Sundays got to church so now they are gonna be around less active members and just repeat got to church now haha. it was so much fun.
   Tuesday we had zone conference. President and Sister Hess  came here it was so much fun! we don't like being around 40 missionaries though... we may have hid in the kitchen with some ward members. i don't want to go to a big city with a ton of people i like my small town life haha. Our stake president came and told us we are his missionaries and we are shared with president Hess and he is building us an army for the stake! ahhhh i love this area they just get it. they understand why members are so important in the work and are just so amazing. we were at the church for like 12 hours that day. we may as well live here haha. then we had a meeting with the ward council and went to find people. we had fun.
  Wednesday we had lunch with a member and less active we think they will be good friends and it was yummy pizza cal zones so good. you should make them. then we tried a bunch of people and then had dinner with a less active family. he was giving us information on how to protect ourselves. he showed us how to rip out of duct tape it is fun haha. always learning stuff in Sidney. Then we saw a less active and he is doing so much better. its exiting to see him grow and change.
  Thursday we had weekly planning. after planning we had a lesson with less active and set up times to help them with family history. she is going to the temple and he i working on it wohoo so excited for them. then we had dinner with the relief society president and she is so sweet always working hard with us.i love her she even introduced us to her neighbor. it is always fun there. 
  Friday we tried people before going to help a former investigator with her yard because she is moving. her yard is all weeds so its doesnt look much better but we tried. then we had a ward barbeque. it rained but we had fun as a ward for sure. then we went to see a less active with a member and learned a lot about his life i can see it but its weird to think about haha.
   Saturday we went to try people and then did some more service. then we saw a less active who is coming back to church and doing pretty well. then we did family history work and had so much fun. We were able to teach them and he was so happy almost cried yahoo it was awesome.then we had dinner in crane and they are so much fun dinner was late but we were all laughing like crazy haha. the brother was telling us about things they did in basic training with guns and setting things on fire. it was funny. love them as well
   Sunday we had church which was really good. then we helped some members find names for the temple. and then we had to drive to wibaux. dinner was delicious and so much fun love that family. then we came home and saw another less active and had some interesting conversation. always fun in sidney.
Sister Haley McDonald
1 why not more selfies
 2 may have gotten hats because its a thing haha
3 this was at the rodeo monkeys on dogs a lot of fun haha

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