North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

 Well this week has been very off.  We were busy but it doesn't show on any of our papers and what not.  Also I can apparently watch Disney movies whenever love my mission :)
   Monday was P-Day obviously and we got to have a fire.  A member invited us and the elders fishing and to have smores. (we missed the fishing part because we were asleep so) smores were delicious and I love the smell of fire.  We threw knives too which is always fun :) 
    Tuesday we passed off our investigator to the elders and he tried to give me a hug but that wasn't happening so I walked away.  We saw a family and the mom has it really hard her kids treat her horribly and I just want to hug her all the time but she is spiritually strong as well.  We also tried an investigator who asked for sisters and we came and now wont ever answer the door for us but wants to get baptized like this week.  It's not happening and we wont even let her have the interview because she doesn't have a true desire.  That night there was a relief society activity all about visiting teaching.  It was really good and hopefully it will help the sisters in their caring about who they are to teach.
      Wednesday we went to our less actives for lunch and the oldest daughter asked us all these awesome questions and was super interested.  It was amazing then her mom was like next time would you give her a Book of Mormon to read.  Well of course we can but why don't you just come to church.  Now we didn't say that but that's how we feel right now.  Then we taught seminary which was good but seemed off from the last couple of weeks.  Then all of our appointments fell through so we went people finding.
      Thursday we saw a less active who came to church yesterday but is also wanting to start visiting teaching. YES!!  So excited for her and she has been teaching her daughter to pray and now is going to start with reading scriptures every night which is awesome.  So excited :)  We also contacted a man who just lost his wife and we are hoping to teach him soon and bring him happiness.
      Friday we had district meeting which was fun we had cookies and treats of course us and the other sister made that but the next one our zone leaders are supposed to bring brownies.  Oh and Sister Dvaz almost killed me but its all good.  We were waving goodbye and almost hit a curb attached to the church but I freaked out and we are alive.  The zone leaders did text us saying that was black dot worthy which means she wouldn't be able to drive anymore.  It was a fun day.  We felt like we did nothing all day though.
    Saturday we read the BOM with a less active and she had some good questions plus she is doing a lot better.  Then we went to plant some seeds.  We will doing a lot of that now because its warm enough to finally plant even though its only 40 today.  We went to another LA (less active) home and she feed us cookies and cream cookies and raspberry lemon cookies.  Oh my so good.  I'm glad I have made my workouts more intense because I can eat more now.  Then we saw another LA yes we see a lot of them and talked about her crazy rancher life.  She asked us to get her a blessing though which we did and she says it helped a lot thankfully.  Then we went to a members home for dinner which is always entertaining we started talking about falling asleep during prayer which let's be honest happens its a struggle some days but the Lord knows I'm trying and that's what matters.
      Sunday We went to a priesthood meeting to clean up the ward list because it is a mess.  We didn't get very far though so its a long process.  Then we read again with our LA and she has improved a ton since we started.  She's a lot happier now which is great.  Then we went to a members home for food they live an hour away almost and are claving right now o crazy busy all the time.  But we always have fun there.  They both served missions so they always wanna talk about the work which is awesome.  She played oil doctor on both of us.  Sister Dvaz has this cough she's had for 3 months so ya.  But she used essential oils and it felt good.  She put a citrus mix on me to give me energy which of course I need.  Love them so much
       Yesterday in church we talked about how faith is a choice.  We don't magically gain faith we choose it.  We need to remember we chose how our life goes and our choices do matter.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and he sent us here to grow.  Choose faith. I promise you will be made strong through it.  I know this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know I am privileged to be able to share it.  I love you all

Sister Haley McDonald

1) we bought matching plaid shirts
2)okay we like to match with star wars shirts
3)a members dog that we may have drawn on but only with their permission plus they did it first..
4)we are cute so gotta love her 

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