North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, April 11, 2016

This week

 Okay so crazy life I swear I emailed everyone yesterday that's how fast time goes on a mission especially when your days are so packed and busy.
   But on Tuesday we got a new investigator and he seems pretty open about everything but there is a slight possibility he is meeting with us to hang out so ya..   I also got a blessing that day (I was having a hard times focusing) a member who we joke around with gave me a blessing and in the blessing it said that we would find success and people to teach here and then we had a new investigator that day so obviously there are people to teach here.  Random note the weather is so bipolar here tho one hour sunny next 60 mph winds next snowing.  What is this I have to wear different seasoned clothes throughout the day!  I was cold if you couldn't guess
     Wednesday was interesting we had lunch with a less active family and they are super smart and musically talented and she asked us to give a spiritual message...  We aren't sure why they don't come besides that they didn't like how people were in Utah but they are in Montana now its different.  We also got to teach seminary which is really fun we finished Isaiah and we talked a lot about temples which is a wonderful topic!  Later that night we got to brush horses it was fun but cold.  They were beautiful animals but I didn't get any photos :( 
     Thursday I woke up with sores on my tongue and no one can figure them out.  I still have them but I'm not dying so I'm good haha.  We meet with our new investigator again and read the book of Mormon.  He still seems very interested which is awesome hopefully he will want to be baptized.  We meet with another investigator who isn't living the law of Chasity but has a child with her boyfriend so doesn't want to move out which is understandable.  As soon as they are married I know she will get baptized but for now we are going to help her strengthen her relationship with Christ which is great.  Another investigator is going to be baptized in may not sure on the exact date yet but we should find out on Tuesday!  I'm so excited for her and she is one of the golden ones :)
     Friday was an interesting day.. First we had to go to a members home so she wouldn't feel awkward when cutting an elders hair.  It was hilarious she said some funny things and the whole time was second guessing everything she did but the hair cut turned out good haha. We had ZTM that day and it was all about not being discouraged which as a missionary is very important to remember.  We also started grooming a dog that day she was really dirty and nasty but now looks great and is clean.  Her owner cant do that stuff so we are gonna do it now.
   Saturday we finished the dog and talked with a less active and she has given up on all of it now and we know she needs to forgive people but wont so we have to figure out how to help her.
    Sunday was great we fasted for our investigator and hopefully they fasted as well but we aren't sure yet.  Our investigator is for sure getting baptized on July 4 which is so exciting she is also golden of course.  Most of our appointments cancelled but we did start some paperwork which will be good to have on hand.  Also everyone here has decided to match me up with someone its crazy and its always me hardly ever sister Dvaz what is this?  I'm on a mission people haha.  They all also think I have been out a lot longer than two months oh and I hit two months on Sunday and I have to give a talk about restoration wohoo!
     So since I have a talk on it I have been studying the restoration a lot more and really pondering about the blessings.  Because of the restoration we have priesthood, revelation, the whole gospel now just pieces but all of it.  The Gospel is so amazing and we have so much to learn from it.  We can never know all in this life it is literally impossible to know all but we must continue to learn and grow.  I'm so grateful for this gospel and for the priesthood we now have. 
I love you all and I know through Christ we can do all things!
Sister Haley McDonald
1) me and my comp. after brushing horses
2)the sisters in the zone with the elder who had the hair cut he is funny
3)my amazing zone
4)me with horse hair everywhere oh and still finding it in the apartment btw
5) this is coco the dog we groomed

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