North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, April 11, 2016

Last week

  well this week has been exhausting and im not totally sure how I am functioning right random side note I was supposed to have a truck but elders ruined it so I have a tiny car and its not fun to drive tiny cars on bumpy dirt roads... now to my amazing week
    We had one family feed us about 4 times this week. they are awesome but he just lost his job like everyone else here. hopefully he can find one soon especially since they are so willing to serve and come to appointments with us all the time.
     She comes to vist a less active family with us thankfully because im not sure how to address some of the anti they come up with. Everyone in the world likes to research the most random stuff about our church and then they believe it and tell me I don't know what im talking about. not like I have been taught to teach or anything haha. sorry for a little rant but ugh
     We get the chance to teach seminary every Wednesday now in the evening. its actually a lot of fun. The kids are great here and really strong in the church well the ones that come but we are teaching in Isaiah and im learning with them. teaching from Isaiah makes it easier for me to understand what in the world he is talking about. it was a really good lesson.
      We have an investigator that wants to be baptized but isn't living the law of chasisty and her boyfriend and father of their child wont marry her. its annoying she wants it so bad but he wont do it. we think he isn't ready for the commit her has basically made already. we are hoping she got an answer from general conference and will nwow know what she needs to do.
      We have an investigator on DATE!!!!!!!! WOHOO shes adorable and wants top be baptized on July 4. that's far but its a special meaning to her and her boyfriend who is a member. she is proably going to ask the boyfriends father but me and Sister D'Vaz know they are going to get married and we can picture them in the temple eing sealed. so cute cant wait maybe ill be there if not whateveres but baptism wohoo. she prayed for the first time yesterday and it was so powerful I almost started crying but they may think im was so amazing and im so excited to help her in the journey!
    General conference amazing!!!!!! I aksed ten questions because someone challenged us to do so and every single one was answered in some way. Uchtdorfs talk was my favorite. I love his analogies so much! We can all rebuil ourselves and we must be built to really help others. if you aren't strong in the gospel how can you truly go and tell other people to join if your not doing your part.General Conference is like a holiday on your mission. Easter and I have been told Christmas don't seem like holidays just radom days that you spend more time with members. We basically jumped out of bed those mronings. General Confernce is the best thing ever! continue to read them too its scripture literally for us today no one else can receive what the Prophet and apostles do.
love you all and hope everything is going well! miss yall!

Sister Haley McDonald
pictures are as follows
1 conference day wohoo
2 my name tag with scriptures(aren't any amazing sunflowers right now its looks like Arizona here but even less right now..)
3 we got comfy chairs two weeks ago and have been having some fun
4 Sister D'Vaz decided to draw on her face by accident it was fun
5 me and my comp isn't she cute?

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