North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, May 2, 2016

Well we have had a roller coaster week.  It has been a lot of fun though.
 Monday we watched Tarzan it is so weird watching movies but it was nice since it was raining.  A lot of fun :) The family we had dinner with is so funny and real.  It's fantastic.  But you do not want to know the conversation gross.
   Tuesday one of our less  actives bore her testimony to us which was so cool.  She also told us about a dream she had where we went to someones house that wouldn't let us in before and we read the Bible with this lady and we all cried.  Our LA said her dreams come true so we our determined to find this woman and share the gospel!  wohoo!  Another LA wants us to come read the Book Of Mormon with her.  We are excited and its a lot of fun reading with LA members.  We FINALLY got in with an investigator and they have lost a ton of stuff but they were in need of humbling.  They rely on themselves a lot which sucks.
    Wednesday we saw another LA and yes we see a lot that basically most of our work.  But she is having a hard time with her husband and his addiction.  It is dragging her down and we really want them to go to the temple this month.  Ugh Satan sucks in case you were unaware.  One of our investigators told us this awesome story about how she should be dead but she is alive and she knows the Lord needs her here for something.  It is awesome seeing a change in people and them coming closer to Christ!  In seminary we are playing scripture mastery games because they know none of them.  We are gonna play some fun ones this week though i'm excited.  Then we went to see a LA and we talked about how she needs to come to church but she thinks its selfish to come.... she needs to come so bad though!  She works so hard and is one of the most giving people I have meet.  She gave us a personality test and i'm Gold Orange which is odd because they are opposites but I'm just a little odd.....
     Thursday we had a car check  and we passed of course!  We saw the LA who bore her testimony and is now opposite again she does have some brain damage but its a giant roller coaster and its crazy.  We never know what we will get.  We see her a lot.  But besides that we planned for this week as usual.
      Friday we saw the LA again and she doesn't understand why we need trials.  We tried to explain that if trials don't happen you would never grow but she wont accept it.  She is having a hard time right now.  We saw another LA who her husband isn't a member but she is trying to get him more involved which is awesome!  Her little girl is adorable and will pray at random times without needing to be told.  So cute!  We did find a potential new investigator that we will hopefully be meeting this week.
    Saturday The LA who changes decided to take a tumble and now has this HUGE bruise on her head.  It looks pretty bad.  The hospital let her go home though and we were not happy.  She needed to be checked on and we hadn't found people to do that so no one should have let her leave!  This town sometimes...... We did go to a baptism after though.  It was a little girl who just turned 8 and it was a lot of fun.  Baptisms are always awesome.
   Sunday was crazy.  Our investigator on date got ENGAGED to the member and they are gonna get married next July in The Temple!!!  We are so excited for them and sister Dvaz gets to go so I'm a little jealous but so excited and she may move up her baptism date!!!  It was exciting. Then we walked around outside and it was really nice yesterday.  We didn't end well though.  We got stuck at a members home way too long and felt awful but we will do better next time.
    So I have started to study the Second coming more and man it will be awesome!  I cant wait for Jesus to lead us and hopefully be in the Righteous.  Life will still be like this but no Satan.  Satan is evil and we need him to be gone.  Life will be better don't forget that.  Wohoo I'm a little excited today!  Love you all hope life is awesome!  Happy Mothers Day to those wonderful Mothers out there!

Sister Haley McDonald

1)Me and my FROUPLE (friend couple apparently) shes a member here love her come out with us a lot
2)Me and Sister Dvaz
3)That wind look though... Thats not even that bad either thats normal everyday wind!
4)Sister Dvaz isnt she adorable? She is steve now
5)Me I felt cute haha :)

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