North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Well it has been a crazy week
     Tuesday we saw an investigator and we aren't sure about him and why he is meeting with us.  Everyone is now telling us to pass him to the elders and we are doing that because he called us cute and we are grossed out or I am anyways.  So the elders get him and we will find out if he is truly interested or not.  We got to see a less active and we sat out in the sun yes!  I got a tan I'm so excited right now.
     Wednesday we started our exchange so Sister Mikhail came with me and I took over the area.  I was able to drive and I didn't have to back anyone for a whole day wohoo.  We had lunch with the super smart less active family and they basically called our message cheesy and the church is a business now so.... we decided they need to become humble and they are way to smart and its only book smart but man there house wow.  We saw another less active and she is doing okay hopefully she will go to the temple trip in May with her husband.  Maybe even get sealed shortly after.  We had dinner with a family that we thought were less active about a week ago but we just laughed about it. Then we taught seminary and how important prophets are and man we need them so much.  The less active we meet with like every other day opened up so much and we were really able to help her.  Now she says she knows Gods is answering her and helping her everyday. There are a ton of miracles on exchanges.  We also got to feed a calf fun.
     Thursday Sister Dvaz came back and I'm glad because she's my "mom" or trainer and we are super good friends.  We had to plan for this week all day and were so distracted.
      Friday was why we were so distracted.  I have the coolest Mission President in the world!  We went to Minot North Dakota to see a concert and on our way there we got to go to Wal-Mart!  Man do I miss cheap stuff everything is like half price there compared to ShopKo in Sidney.  Needless to say I'm set for a little while.  Then we started to Minot and raced our zone leaders and the other Sidney elders.  We lost our car can't handle life but it was a ton of fun!  It was so weird seeing missionaries in normal clothes with no name tags on.  Other missionaries were calling us by our first names so weird.... The Band Nashville Tribute is amazing.  They know our president and they did a whole concert just for the mission!  I love their music.  Plus president let us dance so coolest Pres. ever.  Then we went to dinner and some of the elders were there and its so weird not seeing them in suits and they are so entertaining though.  Then we went back to the stadium for concert #2.  We got to pray with the band before hand.  It was amazing and we are so obsessed with the music they have a whole cd for missionaries and how its not easy.  When the concert ended we had to drive to Williston for the night.
     Saturday we drove back to Sidney and everything fell though again and it was a long day especially since we only got 5 hours of sleep.  Plus it was transfer day and we are loosing some great missionaries here in the forgotten zone.  We are so far from everyone else we are called forgotten.
    Sunday was really good though.  We had ward council and it was all about missionary work and how the ward can improve.  They are seriously missionary centered.  Oh ya I had to give a talk about the restoration and talked mainly about the priesthood and how important it is to use and I cried but that's not shocking to anyone right?  The ward is amazing here though and I love them so much.
     Well this week I have been studying the priesthood because it is so important.  Without the priesthood we wouldn't be here in this gospel.  There wouldn't b a prophet called of God to receive revelation.  We would be a lost people.  I know this gospel is true.  I know it with every ounce of my body.  I know that Christ lives and he died for us.  I'm so grateful to be a missionary sharing this gospel.  Doctrine and Covenants 42:6   And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, 
lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God.   We are all called of God to share this gospel.  We all need to be doing that.  You were baptized and you have a name tag on!  It may not be visible to the naked eye but it is there on your heart. BE THAT EXAMPLE and Share the GOSPEL.
   Hope everyone is doing well

Sister Haley McDonald

1) me and sister Mikhail
2) morning after concert we are dead
3) giant bug elders put on our car gross
4) Me feeding a calf
5) the band during our private concert
6) sister Dvaz me sister Brough sister Dillion at the concert
7) me sister Dvaz elder Boulton elder Payne at the concert cool dudes both transferred
8) me and sister Dvaz with Jason the lead singer
9) amazing sunsets we see

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