North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Well this week was a little odd. since we had to drive to Bismarck and move so it was weird.
       Monday we left with the elders to Glendive and then drove with the sisters to Bismarck.  We were going to play sports but then we saw stores and we all got new outfits for zone conference... It is hard to not shop in a big town when you have like 2 stores normally and they aren't cheap... We had applebees too loads of fun.  Then we went to the sisters apartment in Bismarck.  We talked with them for a while one of the sisters is my missionary grandma and is super cute love her and the other sister was a lot of fun as well.
       Tuesday we had to get ready earlier since they were feeding us breakfast at 7 at the church.  We went to the church and waited for Elder Martino to come.  So exciting we got to shake his hand and his wife's hand well I gave her a hug because she is a sister and I can do that.  The Zone conference was so good though!!  He basically chastised all of the missionaries but we needed it.  He also told us we shouldn't be tracting because its not effective and that MEMBERS are the way to go...  So we are avoiding tracting because members are how its done.  So after Zone Conference we hung out with other missionaries because we don't see that many very often.  Then we got lost trying to find the mission office but we figured it out and then took the long drive back to Glendive.  Where we got in the elders car and drove another hour home (it takes 4 hours to get to Bismarck).  It was a lot of fun though.  Got to see some missionaries that got transferred. 
      Wednesday we went on splits with the relief society president and one of her counselors.  I was able to meet one og our less active sisters who is getting married.  We also got to see another sister who told us she cant come to church without starting a fight at home.  How ridiculous is that?  It bothers me... but she cant deal with it because she is pregnant and I feel so bad for her.  We were able to read with another less active who seems to be doing a lot better and was at church yesterday.
    Thursday we had weekly planning and we packed.  I forgot how much packing sucks and I just don't wanna do it.  We did take stuff over to the new apartment though.  The member who we moved in with took us out for dinner and it was yummy.  After dinner we went to Fairview with some members to see an investigator but she refused to come out so we talked to her less active husband who promised to be at church again and he was so that was good.  We had some entertaining conversations with the member and now owe them cupcakes because they called the elders and asked a weird question.  We were dying in the car but we had to be quiet.
       Friday was moving day so we packed and waited for the elders to help us move since we have a small car that holds a small amount of stuff.  We were wanting to go have a lesson but we couldn't because we didn't know when they would show up.  But we got moved and the Bismarck zone leaders came with the stuff we needed besides some bed frames which will come with transfers next week.  We did have a really good lesson with a less active though who isn't going to the temple now which sucks but they are talking more.  We went to drop something off at a members home and got invited for pizza so we did training with members which was awesome especially since the home was a less active one super cool went very well.
        Saturday was weird as well. We saw a less active and walked a lot we can walk from one side to another in like 30 minutes.  But we tried some people who wouldn't answer and then we went to the members home to go to the Luau.  We did get permission from President.  It was a lot of fun. Authentic food and the wards in Williston out it on but we couldn't see all of it.  We had to drive back for a baptism.  It was super good though the spirit was so strong.  They also asked us to bare out testimonies.  The missionaries I mean.  So all 4 of us shared testimonies and it was so good especially since its hard for this family right now.
       Sunday was really good as well.  I got put on the spot for questions about the holy ghost and how it would be without it and I wanted to cry because I don't want to be without it.  Having the spirit is so important I don't wanna be without it.  Then we saw a less active who came to church but didn't stay so we are gonna get her to stay one day!  Then we went to dinner German mac and cheese super good.  We had dinner with the investigator on date and her fiance and the elders. We talked wedding details and the rings they are choosing from are gorgeous.  So excited for them.  We went to a less active to do some service it was very simple just helping cut some fruit up for a party that's happening today.
      Its been an odd week and I have been out for 3 months which is crazy.  I love missionary work and being able to serve in Montana.  I know that this is where the Lord wants me and I know he knows me individually.  I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 3 all about how the Lord gives us everything and that is so true.  I love you all have a fabulous week!

Sister Haley McDonald

1 Bismarck car ride new dress :)
2 me and my comp in car
3 car that belongs to a member and we wrote on it :)
4 the view from our new place its a cross from the church across the street
5 Luau pictures
6 Picture in front of Temple (she did not say which one or who is with her)
7 Bismarck trip and the sisters that she went with
8 Having fun in the car ride to Bismarck

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