North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Okay so this may be hard to do I have to leave to go to Bismarck for Zone conference today and we cut our times short to hang out with the missionaries in Bismarck. 
  Monday we watched Disney movies as usual now always fun.  Sister D'Vaz hasn't seen Pocahontas in a while so she was a little upset about that one.  It was entertaining though.
 Tuesday we saw a less active who basically pushed us out the door which was odd.  So we are confused about that.  One sister wouldn't answer the door and then gave us excuses but we know she was home we heard her.  Missionaries are sometimes like stalkers its fun.  We read with another less active and she was so excited to read.  We read like 3 chapters but then we had to leave. :(
   Wednesday we went to a LA actives home for lunch and got a new investigator.  She asks awesome questions like where do dinosaurs fit in to the creation and things like that.  She is very smart.  We are excited to teach her though.  Then we were running really late to an appointment at a members home and the member started a lesson without us.  How awesome is that?  This ward is awesome love them so much!!!  We had seminary and we are sad because we only have one more class with them and its a test class so it might be boring.  After seminary we checked out our new apartment which is really nice and we will be moving in this Friday.  So now we need to pack and that isn't fun.....
   Thursday Our less active we see almost daily drank a beer....  We are a little frustrated right now....  She was doing so good though ughh.  I wanted to cry I was so upset.  She just doesn't understand it but she wont listen either!  Later that day after weekly planning we went with a sister in the ward to see an investigator and she wouldn't leave without anyone answering the door.  It was great and we got in.  She was really bold with them and they promised they would be at church.
   Friday We had district meeting and then we went to lunch with the sisters who we love so much. We had dinner with the family we eat with every Friday and it was so good they are opening up more to us.  We may start teaching an investigator in their home soon.
   Saturday we saw a potential and had a prayer with him which was nice.  We are hoping to have him in a members home for dinner soon.  A less active we saw isn't doing good and they aren't going to the temple next week.  The whole trip was planned for them as well so that's sucks....  We saw the family that promised they would be at church again and it was another great lesson. Hopefully we are making progress.  They have cut back on smoking which is awesome!
   Sunday we had a ton of less actives come.  The less active we see daily came and we wanted to jump with joy!!  However the family that promised they would be there wasn't.  So we will be finding their excuse sometime this week.....  We finished one of our investigators lessons but she isn't getting baptized until July so aren't sure what we are going to teacher yet.  We went to Wibaux for dinner and this family is great.  So cute and both are missionaries well were but still amazing people and family.  Always enjoy those visits.
     Okay so I cant remember anything I studied right now so sorry but I want to challenge everyone to get a fresh Book of Mormon and write a question in the front and read it looking for that answer.  I'm sure the missionaries will give you one.  I know that as you do this your understanding will improve and you will get a lot more out of it.  I love you all hope you have a fabulous week

Sister Haley McDonald

1 we were cute that day so :)
2 the family we had dinner with love them they are ranchers
3 might be my fav
sorry for lack of photos this week we were extra busy

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