North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, May 30, 2016

Well its been crazy here people.  A little overwhelming some days but trying to do it all.
    Monday we got stuck in some members homes but they were fun conversations.
  Tuesday we had exchanges so Sister Shutt came to Sidney.  We saw one less active and were able to have a conversation which is a miracle!!!!  Then we saw another less active who we read with before going to dinner.  After dinner we had ward coordination which didn't go well at all.  I needed sister D'Vaz there because the members went against stuff I was saying about less actives they don't see and we see each week....  I was upset but we went and did work and then got food from a bridal shower we didn't attend :)
   Wednesday we switched back and we went to a less active/investigators home and had an awesome lesson but we won't being seeing them till September now....  Then we went to a members home to get a hair cut for Sister D'Vaz.  Then we went to a lesson in a members home but the investigator was extremely distracted so it was just okay.  We talked with the member and got some advice about other investigators since she is an awesome Returned Missionary.  Then we had to go give seminary their test and we ran late for dinner because it had to be done that day.  I always feel awful showing up late.
 Thursday we cut members lawn which was fun and had lunch there.  I tried crab but it was just okay.  Then we had to weekly plan and most of our appointments fell through so we tried a bunch of people who wouldn't answer.
  Friday we went to district meeting but had to drive back to Sidney to have interviews with president.  We couldnt hang out with the sisters who are leaving now.  But interviews went well.  I found out I was staying and was gonna be very busy but Sister D'Vaz found out all of it.  Then we saw some people but it was really hard to stay focused after that.  Super hard.  We were invited to a members home  for ice cream because our temple trip on saturday got cancelled.  That was a lot of fun.
   Saturday we had calls to confirm what we were told the night before.  Me and Sister D'Vaz are staying another transfer and getting Sister Wells.  I'm in a trio well will be on Thursday.  But the elders area is getting closed down so we have 8 towns to be over and Wait for it WE GET THE NISSAN ROGUE!!!!  No more tiny car that can barely hold speed.  Super excited but this also means we have to move again not excited about that either but it should be a fun transfer.  We had lunch with a less active and it was yummy.  Most of our appointments fell through again.  Then we went to dinner at a members property in Crane we had a bonfire and hobo dinners which were super good.  We smelt like smoke but thats okay!  Then we went to an investigators home and she opened the door!  She hasnt opened it herself in months so super exciting.
      Sunday was good.  We had to teach valiant 10 and it was fun.  They will be awesome missionaries when they go out.  Then we had a really good lesson with our daily less active about patriarchal blessings and we have set that as a goal for her.  We saw some people who weren't at church and we got excuses but they should be there next week.  We had dinner with this family who is just so much fun to be around.  Love this ward so much and glad I'm staying longer.
  Well this week has been crazy and this next week will be even worse.  But hey its work and we are glad to not be bored! love you all :)
Sister Haley McDonald
1 seminary class
2 me on the lawn mower 
3 see crab
4 Sister Dvaz pointing to a smiley face a member drew on the window
5 the smiley face

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