North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, June 6, 2016

Well I'm the only one from my group that is still with my trainer but hey I love her to death so its all good!  Sister Wells joined us this week but I'll tell more about that later
    Monday we tried to do stuff but everything was closed so we did emails at the church and got more cinnamon rolls.  If I didn't say this before I have had like 10 cinnamon rolls in the last 2 weeks I think.... One of the elders hand made them and they are good but then we went to the Daniel family home because they love us and bought us pizza.  Pretty awesome then we had to go to another dinner with our ward mission leader.  That was really good.  Then we saw our less active who needs to move into assissted living she can't do anything on her own anymore which stinks.  We ended at the Daniel home again because that always happens on Monday apparently so we were given more food and it wasnt healthy.
    Tuesday was an odd day.  Well the whole week was but tuesday we visited a member who has mental health issues and its bad but she won't let anyone help it sucks seeing it.  We saw another less active who is super sweet and gave us more food.  We had dinner and talked about family history I so wanna do this dna test so bad but thats not happening right now so it's on my to do list.  Then we had ward coordination and we have to figure out when we are gonna do the temple trip.
    Wednesday we spent a lot of time moving and cleaning becuase we had to move back to the other apartment to fit the trio.  We had the elders move a bed for us because we didn't want to do it.  They took a bunch of stuff for us.  We got a new investigator it was awesome!  He seems interested and we are building up the kingdom!!  We switched cars with the elders...  We have the rogue so excited it drives way better love it.   It was sad to see the elders leave though having two sets of missionaries in the area is fun so now we are alone :(
    Thursday we spent 4 hours moving and unpacking so it would be all ready for Sister Wells.  I forgot I really hate moving......  We went and saw some less actives before the Zone Leaders texted us to go pick sister Wells up.  We drove to Glendive and got her.   She has been out as long as Sister Dvaz.  We drove back to Sidney and got some good bug spray that fights ticks because we have to check for those now bleh.  We were given it from a member mom here.  She is pregnant super excited she is an awesome mom.  Then we went to the Daniel home for dinner and it was good and always entertaining.
     Friday we had to drive back to Glendive for district meeting which was really short because we only have 3 sets of missionaries now.  It's small but still fun we are now the only sisters in our entire zone though..  We saw a less active afterwards and it was an awesome lesson she also gave us pins and jewelry super sweet lady.  Then we went to dinner and that went long as usual.  Then we had another lesson but she was grumpy with us when we told her we were running late but oh well we couldn't change it.  Kinda a crappy day
    Saturday we spent a majority of our day weekly planning..... Elders didnt make it easy they don't write very much about lessons and ya..  We didn't even finish that day.  We went to dinner and Sister Wells shared this awesome message about our worth.  Then we went to our investigator who is finally getting out of the house wohoo.
     Sunday was good awesome fast sundays here.  We had a lesson with our investigator on date and she is doing so awesome.  Super excited for them.  We saw some less actives the elders were working with but we played uno.  They are kids and need to warm up to us.  I won wohoo.  We had dinner and oh my at dinner we were sitting there and orange juice exploded!  It was crazy all our ears were ringing.  We have no idea what caused it but we will go with almost died by orange juice...  Then guess what more weekly planning but we finally finished.   It took like 5 hours this week we were going to loose it.  Then we had a recent convert lesson and I need to study priesthood more so I can teach better I know hardly anything ugh!!!
So apparently I am picking up an accent it is a little southern with Utah and North Dakota so ya I love her haha.
 This week has been really odd sorry I don't have a spiritual thought I can't think my brain is gone but I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for the atonement and the help it gives to eveyone including me!
love you all!!!!!!!

Sister Haley McDonald

1 our cute wall decorations we did
2 we got bored during lunch before we got Sister Wells
3This is Sister Wells super sweet
4 a giant snake we saw gross
5 our trio
6 our new car we named him kessler after saturday warriors
7 we are having fun

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