North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


So monday was pretty sweet! we meet this sweet new lady that moved into the ward and she is my favorite! she has a crazy awesome story and i love it! then we tried a potential and she is super interested in the gospel so a new investigator! this area is awesome!
 Tuesday was good we saw some members and tracted nothing too crazy!
Wednesday was more trying people and tracting.
Thursday was good we meet some more members and the went tracting which is always fun haha. this ward is awesome.
Friday we had district meeting and tried a ton of people! and tracted! we are really trying to meet everyone on our ward list so thats a project!
saturday was awesome!🌺 the williston area does a Luau every year and we got to be in it. we sang im yours and it was great and all the performances were amazing! its was like all day set up and then peformance it was the best!!!!!!! haha oh great thing happened we pulled apart a pig for the luau it was great!
Sunday was church it was awesome we gave talks. we were asked to speak on thursday haha life of a missionary! but it was great.
monday was great we meet with a less active sister who read like 9 chapters of the book of mormon in 3 days cause she found it so interesting. it was pretty sweet! then we helped a sister clean up and she is just so open with us and is the best! then we saw our investigator and she is solid she is keeping comittments and going strong wohoo! then we saw a recent convert and they are awesome. i dont know what to say about this area besides its great haha!

1 sunday selfies
2 luau selfie
3 selfie with pig head!
4 the williston missionaries!
5 pulling the pig apart!

Sister Haley McDonald

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