North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, September 12, 2016

Really another Monday???

Okay this is getting old people... i like my mission and time needs to stop right about now. okay no fine ill live life one day haha. another fun week here in sidney and working hard.
 oh and sister wells doesn't like writing her own weekly email so now she is taking mine so compare them if you can.
    Monday we had dinner with the Karrens and they are super missionaries i swear. its really cool. their kids just bring the church up during school seriously awesome. then we saw a less active who is doing awesome. and working really hard to get healthy.
   Tuesday  we did family history hour and i have a total of 55 names right now wohoo.Then we saw mickey with scottlynn and she does so much better when we take people with us and we played cards to brighten her day.then we got fresh vegetables from a former investigator he is like the neighborhood grandpa its great. Then we taught a 9 year old the restoration and it went pretty well.then we had ward coordination and tried a ton of people and took baby clothes to an investigator who is gonna have a baby girl soon.
   Wednesday we weekly planned i know crazy changing things up on you. then we saw a less active who is so sweet and her kids are adorable. then we went to dinner at a less actives home and the father still wont come down stairs to talk to us. then we did some paper work so much fun.
    Thursday we got picked up and drove out to bainville and Culbertson.  We walked around Culbertson for like 3 or so hours before going to Bainville where we walked 2 more hours before dinner and then we went and helped the family do chores for their animals.  I really wished I was in jeans so I could ride the pig..... I'm a country girl now.... During our walk we made an appointment with a pretty solid potential who may have had a blessing.  not sure but it was fun and we finally found some less actives so it was a successful day. 
   Friday we had to drive to glendive for district meeting. first we saw a member in the hospital who is now out.but district meetins was fun we have another set of missionaries. we got food afterwards and were hanging out before we got the rain which sucked. then we saw a less active and set up appointments for her son to get the lessons. then we had dinner which was interesting talked a lot about his veiws as usual but we cant answer him he needs to take it to the lord. then we saw the daniels who are family seriously they are awesome.
  Saturday we tried a few people in the morning and then tried some people with jessica and we got food from her dad always fun.then we had dinner with the hincks and i love their family they are so much fun apparently i look like barbie so they had a barbie doll by me all night long. it was pretty funny.then we had a lesson with a less active all about family history and we are gonna try to help them with that soon.
  Sunday was church and the relief scoiety asked what are things we can do to be prepared.apparently according to farmers almanac its gonna be a harsh winter so im terrified and hoping i dont have to drive right now. hopefully i will adjust to the weather fast. then we had lunch with a family after church it was a lot of fun. they are a cute family and their little boy will be baptized soon. then we saw a less active who we have to figure something out or we are gonna loose her. we are worried. then we had dinner at the church since its our second home. then we saw our investigator and taught the restoration. holy cow it was an awesome lesson. the spirit was so strong and she wants her husband to baptize her. so we need to wait for him to be worthy and then we can move forward with that. wohoo!! so exciting for her.

well hope you all have a fabulous week love you!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 all the vegetables we got this week
2 eating ice cream 
3 dont leave missionaries waiting at your home for a ride we got bored so attacked the daniels home

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