North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

 Well its been crazy week.  We are so busy or everything is canceled there is no in between.  We are changing the area a little bit since we have a trio of elders in our ward and they get bored at times so hopefully that will help a ton and I can try more door approaches.  The ones I have done the people arent home or arent interested and slam the door but hey its their salvation not mine and they have their agency.  I can only do so much and this is the Lords work and he has placed people here for me to teach and I'm so excited to be doing his will.

    Me and my companion are getting along great and I love her so much.  I got really frustrated this week and lost it but she helped me go through it and showed me ways to help get through those hard moments.  She is so wonderful and I'm glad she is my trainer she has a lot of patience but I'm still teaching her apparently.

    Okay so our investigator we got last Sunday is progressing so well.  It's amazing!  I asked her to get baptized and she is going to pray about it but in our first lesson she talked about it so can't wait.  Her boyfriend is a member and me and my companion are planning their life because if she gets baptized we know what will happen! 😉 

     I have met almost everyone in the ward and am remembering names wohoo.  We have checked a lot of referrals and man those are so important.  I am just now realizing how much missionaries need members.  Apparently 2 of 3 investigators taught in a members home will get baptized.  How amazing is that.  We as members can do so much by just by inviting someone over to dinner with the missionaries.  Plus missionaries don't get to know people as well.  You know the area more than we do.  Every member a missionary!!!!  Don't forget it

        So we dropped like three people this week but they weren't doing what they needed to and in one home I walked in and wanted to leave so fast.  The spirit was gone and I felt so empty inside and lost on what to say to this person.  It was bad so we dropped her another investigator wouldnt get baptized because of her family and it would cause issues and another one believes everything but in Thomas S. Monson now.  It's crazy the things that happen here.

     Last week we bought pepper spray and its pink.  I swear I'm okay its just for safety from drunk people and dogs.  I do however smell like smoke alot and it smells like rotten eggs here a ton because of the beat factory not fun when it smells really bad.  We have handed over a recent convert to the elders because we aren't comfortable and we think he did everything mainly for the sisters so its the elders turn.  Our bishop is so awesome he told us if he comes around to call him and he will come handle it.   I love this ward. 

     On Thursday we had to go clean a home because the sister who lives there got life lighted to Billings.   She's really sick and is older.  We thought she wasnt going to make it but she did and now is going to be in the hospital for a while to recover.
   On Friday we had Zone training which was awesome.  The zone is amazing and the elders are pretty funny and intense at times.  Weird conversations occur a lot.  The new initiative is amazing go watch Hallelujah its a great video to share!  Well I love you all have a great week. 

Sister Haley McDonald

Pictures that were sent this week

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