North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017


well im hanging out in williston North Dakota!!!!!!!!!!!!! only about an hour from my first area Sidney so crazy to be back in this place haha but i love it so much! my address is 418 32nd st e williston nd 58801 write me if you want to haha i love letters!
My companion is sister spendlove she is awesome and from utah! she is so sweet and im so excited to serve with her in the williston 2nd ward and we are opening an new area! wohoo im so excited we are working with some awesome elders and all the members are so excited everyone kept coming up and saying how the love having us here and its been 2 years. all the kids are so cute apparently a lot of them during sacrament were so excited haha. its gonna be a wonderful transfer we are working with basically nothing from past missionaries but us and the elders are gonna make this place awesome! 
so not too much happened this week i went with the rapid sisters we found 3 new investigators in one day that was pretty sweet!
we said bye to some people but it was super productive so thats sweet! 
Thursday we woke up early to get on the transfer train it was a fun ride and when we got to dickinson! we watched Saturdays warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i tell you how excited i was and it was the new one the elders cried more than the sisters it was a great time haha. then i drove to williston to meet sister spendlove she is pretty sweet been out 10 months now i have a comp who will be in the field after me wohoo haha. its been great
 Friday we did service literallly all day long haha we had a rally of missionaries to help a lady move and it was great.
Saturday we planned cause we hadnt done that yet.
Sunday we meet with the elders and ward council and then chruch at 3 pm..... that will be rough to adjust to............ We have had dinner every night with members because our wand mission leader is pretty sweet wohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! 
love you all!

1 ice cream with sisters
2 service on tuesday fancy activity
3 sister spendlove
Sister Haley McDonald

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