North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017


well to start off i got a call today that i'm getting transferred. however i do not know where and i wont know until Thursday when i get transferred. i know ill either be in Dickinson, WIilliston or back in the Montana area. but i'm so pumped man i have loved my time in this place.
it was a great week full of service oh my word we did a total of ten hours but it was awesome!

Tuesday we helped Pam pack some stuff up and organize it all. we saw some sisters in the ward that are coming back to activity they are awesome! we love seeing them and i'm going to miss them. that might be said a lot in this email... oh we handed out 3 book of Mormons it was awesome!
Wednesday we helped Pam some more haha. we had dinner with this awesome family! they have twin boys and they are so smart holy cow they know it all i swear! we had ward correlation and it was bomb! i love working with members.

Thursday we weekly planned then helped pack  Pam again.... yes a lot of service.... we had a lesson with Jennifer and Natto and she is on date for baptism now wohoo!!!!!!!!! so excited for them! then we saw the brouwers and they opened up a lot so it was good so excited right now!

Friday we had district meeting it was bomb. then we helped pack again...... we had dinner with the Hoffman they are awesome so sad they are moving.  then we saw the Taylor man they are so sweet. i love having the opportunity to teach so many people.

Saturday we went to a baptism for the elders in our ward it was really good. then we did more service...... so much service haha but the ward is so grateful so that's good. then we had dinner with the hedlunds they are amazing i love them so much!

Sunday was so good.  we had dinner with the beutlers and it was awesome. 

I just love this gospel so much and so excited to be able to serve my Lord and Savior! LOVE YOU all enjoy your week!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 companion selfies
2 district pic
3 waxing our cars haha

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