North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Interesting week...

well it has been a fun and busy week.
tuesday evening we saw a less active family and they might start coming to church soon. also i seriously injured my foot during p-day..... it was throbbing but it was better the next day but that night i was out of it because it hurt and all i did was step but apparently i dont know how to do that anymore haha.
Wednesday we saw some new member thats moved in and they are solid just gotta get them to church and being comfortable! then we went to the church to talk to the ward mission leader and on the way there they kept giving us brain teasers and they got me good on one haha cant really type it though sorry.
Thursday we weekly planned and had a lot of things to do. we had some good lessons. had dinner with the worthingtons and they are awesome.
Friday we tried a ton of people but no one answered. we saw jennifer and she is still so solid i just love her and her family they are great!
Saturday we went and did a clean up on base that was fun we even got to drive ourselves on it was weird but still good! we tried to see some other people but no one was home again. 
Sunday was really good jennifer and natto came. we ended up teaching the valiant 10-11 class got pulled in but its all about joseph smith so it was good haha we went to the hedlunds to try and tract some people down haha we got some good info but arent sure where they are still.its been a good and busy week though!
love you hope you have a good week 
Sister Haley McDonald
1 selfies
2 may have locked her in the bathroom haha

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