North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

14 Months as Sister McDonald!

well kind of a crazy week thats for sure!
Monday we started exchanges with sister Allen and Willie! i went with sister Willie to rapid city it was fun.
Tuesday on exchanges we walked about 8 miles at least haha it was good though! we also found a new investigator for Sister willies area it was awesome! also she is a bomb missionary!
Wednesday we exchanged back and basically stayed in rapid forever haha we had planning and stuff to do so that was fun.then we had dinner with this awesome family i just love this ward. then we had ward correlation and it was pretty good we are finally getting some things done wohoo!
Thursday we helped a member get to a doctors appointment so we didn't get any weekly planning done.... we had an awesome lesson with 2 new sisters in our ward. they are so great!
Friday we had zone conference and got these awesome things called tiwi's well pro 400's because we got the newest version... basically it records our driving and reports it to the mission office and president at the end of each transfer... the worst part can only go 5 miles an hour in parking lots...... its okay its yelling at sister Brough not me right now wohoo! we also had a ward party that night it was a good turn out lots of fun!
Saturday we had interviews with president. they were good then we had lunch with some awesome members. we tried inviting our neighbors to an Easter performance but no one was home! so then we went to rehearsal and then performed. it was the Garden you all should go look it up cause its awesome! then we tracted and it was great!
Sunday was Easter our ward did this written musical sacrament and it was awesome. We weekly planned yesterday as well. We had dinner with the hedlunds it was so good so much food! but we watched the kids do an Easter egg hunt before dessert and oh my it was so cute also have never seen so many eggs in my life haha it was a good day!
#princeofpeace! such a wonderful day to remember Jesus Christ and his resurrection!Love you all!

Sister Haley McDonald
1 on exchanges with sister Willie
2 Our Easter basket exchange
3 Easter selfie

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