North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

another week gone by...

well im not really sure what happened this week its all a blur but ill give some highlights.
Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with a sister who is less active but it was awesome we talked about the plan of salvation. it was awesome i just love the plan of salvation. that night we had a lesson with our investigator but we took a Spanish speaker for her boyfriend and they had an awesome lesson. she got sick so had to leave so we sat there with this member taught the restoration and committed him to a chapter to read oh my word it was awesome. we watched as this man gained a new light you could tell he was interested and it was making sense! oh my word it was so cool!
Saturday we did service which was fun. deep cleaning a smokers old home. always fun to do. definitely makes one never want to smoke haha.
Sunday was good while we were at church i was thinking about how much we tracted this week. we tracted about 4 hours and got 2 potentials. which is awesome but i was thinking about how long it would take to find someone who is solid to teach according to the average they have come out with. if we got 2 potentials every week and everyone became an investigator then it would take about 15 weeks to find someone who is prepared for baptism but if the member finds them and the investigator is taught in there home 2 out of 3 will get baptized instead of 1 out of every 30 we find... so let me tell you members are the finders we are supposed to be teachers also we knocked 106 doors this week 
love you all have a great week!

Sister Haley McDonald

1 it was cold haha
2 snow! i really want to get dumped on...
3 our district.. senior comps in front 
4 selfies why not

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