North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

a whole new day!

well some exciting things happened this week.
 Monday night was awesome we had dinner with the smiths and they are amazing! then we went to Jennifer's and did a Plan of salvation activity with her and her daughter haliee. it was so good they learned a lot then we taught haliee a song and she was singing it when we left it was so cute! they are super golden and i just love them so much!
Tuesday we had lunch with President and Sister Hess. let me tell you i love them so much! they care about us and it was awesome. kinda scared when they called that morning cause last time i got a call from them i got emergency transferred but it was just lunch so it all worked out haha. they just care about the missionaries so much they are like our parents in the field its great! President is funny he was talking about missionaries who have gotten married or will get married that were in leadership and he was saying he needs to look with different eyes to know whats going on haha. it was pretty entertaining but he also wants credit for being a YSA bishop. gotta love Pres. later we saw people tried some others but went inside so we wouldn't get stuck in the snow since it took like ten minutes to leave the mall area from lunch... 2 wheel drive and snow not a good match mainly if there are hills.
Wednesday we had and awesome missionary broadcast. and they changed some things up. we have fewer key indicators if you would like more explanation contact missionaries in your area haha kinda hard top explain. they also changed our schedule though we have a lot more time to get ready in the morning which is really nice for sisters plus we have a lot more agency on what we do and when and we get to come home and go straight to bed i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad they changed it. but that day we meet with the elders to make a plan for the ward. we made an awesome ward mission plan and that night we meet with the bishopric and they loved it all plus we set a date for a fireside to help the ward and its gonna be so good.! i really realized how much member missionary work has played in my life this week its great!
Thursday was planning nothing too exciting
Friday we had district meeting which was fun and planned some more stuff.then we had dinner with a family kinda awkward but thats okay then we saw the Taylor and they are awesome. he is seeming more like himself its awesome. they are coming to church a lot too oh i love seeing people progress.
Saturday we started tracting with this survey and its awesome people are more willing to talk to us and we got some potentials out of it.
Sunday was church and it was good sister Brough talked and it was really good. then we tracted some more and tried people and then had dinner with the hedlunds who are just the best! then we tried some more people but set up some appointments.
overall a really good week. I just love being a missionary its the best thing! also its like 50 degrees today so we going hiking hopefully wohoo love warm weather!
we sucked at pictures this week sorry
us and the elders after a day of planning plus they are mile broke so we were nice and let them have a ride
Sister Haley McDonald

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