North Dakota Bismarck mission February 2016 to August 2017

Monday, July 4, 2016

seriously again???

Okay it has barely been 4 months and I hate emails some days.  I love hearing from everyone but man emails is effort....  I love you all oh also lived through 2 tornados haha.  So cool the weather changes all the time.
   Monday was just p day nothing special.
   Tuesday was tornado number one but first we saw our investgiator who isnt paying attention...  We mowed a memebers lawn again always fun.  It is a riding lawnmower.  I go pretty fast on it.  We went to relief society and learned about saving money and stuff like that it was really fun.  Actually we got some homemade bread as well.  During the activity though a tornado alert went out and touched ground between Culbertson and Fairview.  We saw the clouds and got some super neat pictures it was really pretty actually...
   Wednesday we tried people all day they kept canceling on us.  Dinner was entertaining though.  It has been an odd week sorry not too crazy.  Well depends on the day.
    Thursday we saw our investigator who still isnt paying attention then our less active.  We have gotten a distinct impression she won't be around much longer.  Which is good because she is in a ton of pain and we hope it will be soon.  But man I'm gonna miss her so much.   She's like a grandma.  So I'm not wanting to come to terms with it.   We had weekly planning but dinner was the best thing ever.  It was a lot of fun.  They are a newly wed couple and are so much fun we havent laughed that hard in a long time.  Then we had a lesson with a less active about arp but he doesn't want to do it he has no desire.
    Friday we meet with our investigator who is getting baptized on Monday the 4th.  We are super excited!!!  So we made those plans and then drove to district meeting in miles city.  It was 2 hours there and 2 back.  We did get to go to walmart but I was soo tired.  We got into town and a huge strom came from now where so we went to dinner.  And the storm hit there was some green in it.  It was tornado weather so we lived.  It was crazy we almost weren't able to go home because of it but we were able to.
    Saturday we saw our less active who gets worse each day.  Then we saw another less active who kinda ended up pushing us out the door because she was going somewhere.  We tracted some places but not many people live there.  We got a few potentials.  Then we saw a less active who begged us not to give up on her daughter who is investigating.  So we are gonna try some more.  Our appointment left home and didn't cancel so ya.
    Sunday our appointment from last night was actually there.  So that was exciting.  Our one investigator who doesnt pay attention here's that story... He has major crushes on us and its creepy.  He is 40 and gross.  We feel like meat so we will be dropping him this week.  He isn't paying attention to lessons at all.  So if or when elders come back they can take him over.  So Tuesday we had to get ice cream.  He gave us hugs and it was uncomfortable.  But he stared at us all through church and he is engaged btw.  So ewe.  I'm working on charity I swear.  Church was cool though a returned missionary came home.  So it was good plus they gave us lunch so ya.  We found out our less active is now in the hospital and we dont know if she will leave.  She needs to be comfortable.  Then we had the interview for our investigator on date she passed wohoo super excited for that!!!

    Well with all the tornados the outside is so pretty so there is good and bad in everything.  Things that are pretty on the outside can be very ugly on the inside.  So my two senses for the week I suck at spiritual thoughts.
I love you alll!
Sister Haley McDonald
1 a pivot for farming that blew over from the storm the night before
2 we got sindey hats
3 pretty sky during rain 
4 tornado sky from Tuesday

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